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#225 - Well, I don´t mind. Frankfurt will be the new financial cente…  [+] (1 reply) 06/24/2016 on RIP EU +3
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#299 - phawsy (06/24/2016) [-]
Maybe when all the refugees gather their hidden weapons sent over by bribed deliverers and germany gets mowed down it won't be the center of europe anymore
#3 - Aspen Rae on mfc  [+] (4 replies) 04/02/2016 on Find the ninja +90
#27 - anon (04/02/2016) [-]
lets raise my fists at a wild animal on the verge of attacking me. that will calm him down
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#9 - machiavellianhumor (04/02/2016) [-]
dont fucking promote that bitch here
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#43 - JariWeis (04/03/2016) [-]
"That bitch" do you have a personal feud with her?
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#46 - allmenmustfap (04/03/2016) [-]
It's machiavellianhumor, he has a personal feud with existence itself.
#12 - While this poster is ******* stupid, people don´t deserve to …  [+] (13 replies) 03/05/2016 on DINDU NUFFIN -25
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#67 - stealingbikes (03/05/2016) [-]
Try to rob me/my house and I'll deem you a threat to my and my family's safety and shoot you.
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#55 - denster (03/05/2016) [-]
No they shouldnt die, we should cut there hand off for first offense
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#17 - zipov (03/05/2016) [-]
#14 - keroberios (03/05/2016) [-]
If you pull a gun on someone and they shoot you in the face. That isn't murder, it's suicide.
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#13 - theguywhoaskswhy (03/05/2016) [-]
If you haz a gun and the person you are robbing haz a gun, said person haz no way of knowing whether or not you can or will shoot them, so they will preemptively shoot you.
Death may not be the appropriate punishment for a robbery, but it is the fastest and safest way to resolve one when you don't have the skills or equipment to to do so without needless violence.
If you expect leniency from someone whom you yourself are threatening with death, not only are you a moron, but you are a moron that won't live terribly long.
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#45 - therealfell (03/05/2016) [-]
I'm pretty sure he means the cops, not the store owner
cops are trained to handle situations without use of their guns
and they should. you don't deserve to die for stealing.
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#65 - snowvahkiin (03/05/2016) [-]
They're also trained to pull a gun when their life is in absolute danger. Like when a gun is pulled on them. See this video for example. Notice how the man reaches into the back of his pants running angrily at the cop, that cop doesn't know if he has a gun or not only that he is reaching somewhere for something. 19YearOld Black Man Shot After Pointing Finger Gun At Maryland Police
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#70 - therealfell (03/05/2016) [-]
I'm just going to say, as an example, tamir rice did not deserve to die.
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#71 - snowvahkiin (03/06/2016) [-]
Yes he did. Lil shit had an airsoft gun without an orange tip showing that it was an airsoft gun. Not only that but he reached towards the gun in his wasteband when the car arrived. Yes it was a 12 year old kid, but the officer hadn't received that information in the initial dispatch call. He never knew.
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#72 - therealfell (03/06/2016) [-]
"he deserved to die because he had an airsoft gun without the orange tip"
do you know how crazy that sounds?

the cop who shot him was deemed unfit as an officer previously, in another city
he drove up, jumped out, shot kid, in seconds. you don't do that
that's like, not protocol and stuff

he had it made up in his mind that he was going to shoot that kid before even getting to the scene of the "crime". you don't drive right up on someone you think has a gun.
you stay back, you warn them to drop the weapon, you tell them to get on the ground
you don't fucking shoot first ask questions later.
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#74 - snowvahkiin (03/06/2016) [-]
Also he was also deemed emotionally unstable.
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#73 - snowvahkiin (03/06/2016) [-]
Kid reached for the gun. The officer had every right to be scared for his life. He doesn't know if it's real or fake only that it's in the shape of a gun and could very well end his life right there. He can see that it is a kid, but he knows nothing of the kids current mental state.
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#75 - therealfell (03/06/2016) [-]
you do not drive up, jump out, shoot
you don't drive right up to someone you think has a gun
you do not do that

and yes you're right, emotionally unstable
"my ex gf is emotionally unstable. she stabbed me in my sleep because she thought I was cheating"

see how that sounds? a little crazy? just a bit?
emotionally unstable can be fucking nuts
it means you are not in control of your emotions, thus, not in control of yourself. certainly not enough to be handling a gun
#38 - I don´t think this *bang* will ever happen. Mainly because th…  [+] (2 replies) 03/05/2016 on Germany hates trump 0
#48 - zielscheibe (03/05/2016) [-]
Ok , i understand your point of view - still i disagree.

The refugee crisis will have a very high impact on our social budgedt . The peopel that already arrived here will cause further problems and tension between the public and the government /- elites .

To blame patriotism for the world wars is a bit to simple. Those wars had many causes and were very complex political events.
Patriotism is important to feel connected to this nation - a kind of * family *. I do believe that a patriot would go the extra mile to help his fellow countrymen or commit more of his time to help preserve care of the country's heritage.

Our culture is what led us this far. This does not mean that we have to exclude others or go racist. It helped us find a national identity and goals. That is why we function in nations - If your point of few was right - the whole world right now would be wrong and we all would have to abolish any kind of border or union other than our whole species ... right ??

There is this one problem with cultures tho - some are a bit backwards whilst others are more progressive.
So i just state that most western cultures are way more progressive than some middle-eastern and asian ones. ( not all )

Yet , those cultures have developed over centuries and left a certain kind of mindset in the heads of the people raised within the borders of their cultural space. We can see this in the muslim community. The fastest growing group of people on this planet.
They are different in many things. Most of those people have lived or support a very harsh system where religion is the biggest issue in their life. In the modern west - we slowly got rid of that - wich led to amazing discoveries and breaktrough's in science.

Just look up the current winners of nobel prizes in physics ... how many of those are won by muslim people ? Now do not get me wrong , i am not telling you that those people are any less able to do so - i just point out that they have lived in a social enviornment that did not allow / tollerate free thinkers to question religion or reform it. They accept a religious dogma and connection to each other and develope a certain pride . The muslim pride .

And this difference will cause a problem and a bang - We have invited hundreds of thousands of people , with a completely different mindset , into our national group of people. This will cause a change of culture to a degree yet unknown. It could go all well and they fit in perfectly with us. I would like that. But the evidence at hand only goes to show one thing - We are to different to ever truely share one common culture and mindset. It is either the one or the other. Even if the west opens up all it wants and sacrifices our patriotism and national ideas - they would be replaced by something . This something might very well be the strong religious belief system of the muslim culture. Wich tends to have great influence in government affairs in middle eastern cultures.

So people will disagree with this change - this will lead to tension between the remaining cultural groups - and we know for a fact that most of the times , muslim groups begin to become the majority of a nation that has formerly been non-muslim. This change is bloody and fast . And to succumb to religios dogma again would be the worst thing to happen to us and our struggle for progress.

SO - unless the muslim community reforms it's ways and lay's off stoning and other backwards systems of the Sharia Law - conflict is bound to happen sooner or later. Would you rather like to debate and reason with a religious person about physics and the cosmos or with a non religious one ? If religion has a place in modern societies , it certainly is not in the public , government or science.

But that is just my two Shekels here - could be i am wrong and everything will be fine.
#43 - berlinrobofux (03/05/2016) [-]
Well, I dont know if such a "bang" would occur, but I know that if it happens its gonna be brutal. The thing with our people, as I see it, is, that we are silent the majority of the time but if we stand up we will set the world on fire...