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#244 - mosques are built to survive, unlike the other buildings that …  [+] (3 replies) 07/03/2012 on It's simple as that +1
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#282 - sebberz (07/03/2012) [-]
Of course they have cracks in the windows. Even though the photos were taken from a distance (funny that there weren't any close ups of windows...), it's still possible to see holes in the structures where glass would have been. Some of the pictures of the mosques were also taken from a favourable position that made it appear they took no damage, when in fact , the mosques took significant damage on the other side, where the Tsunami struck and indeed in many of the photos you can actually see structural damage anyway. Trains were swept kilometers away only along the coast- most of these photos are taken well inland and so the mosques had much less force to deal with.
The fact that Mosques survived is not something to brag about. What you've essentially proved is the disparity between the wealth of Islamic authority (who could afford to buy expensive and strong mosques) and the poverty of the surrounding population (who could only afford weak, wooden housing which all collapsed). Nice to see Islam benefiting the poor...
#281 - anon (07/03/2012) [-]
as a fellow muslim, a lot of mosques were destroyed in Sri Lanka even with people inside, I remember that my government, Qatar, sent a lot of help to rebuild them.
What are you trying to say?,that Allah helped some mosques but others no?, I believed every mosque was sacred at the eyes of god
casually all the mosques that were saved were located in the same towns,or you could say, all the mosques that were saved were located in the zones were the tsunami had no force enough to destroy them and hence if one mosque survived the disaster all the others of the zone were likely to survive as they were constructed with the same materials and exposed to the same conditions.
did allah saved any mosque in the ground zero of the tsunami?,NO,that, would have been a miracle, all the mosques that were too close to the point were the tsunami was unstoppable were, without exceptions, wiped out of existance, isnt it strange that god only saved the mosques in the places where it was a acceptable thing to happen?, that is not called a miracle,that is called a logic event, a miracle would have been that a mosque in the ground zero of the tsunami would have been saved, you give a bad reputation to muslims, to hold responsible of every event that happens in the world to the hand of allah is simply stupid, first think, there is a logical explanation to this?, are the connections that are making between the data fraudulent?,are they thinking logically? only if there is no logical explanation you can then start to think in Allah
this is why people hate us
#3 - or use this... 02/14/2011 on da pokemons +4
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#165 - i just love how all the anons thumb people who disagree down. …  [+] (2 replies) 01/15/2011 on Spinning Wheel -15
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#166 - EpicAmiss (01/15/2011) [-]
BAAHAHAH! XDDD Now THAT is funny!! XDD Perfect face for the point!
#167 - Elderly Man (01/15/2011) [-]
Shut up, all of you
#230 - i dont get it  [+] (3 replies) 01/15/2011 on Kill It With Fire -1
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