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#59 - lol at the basketball fansand lebron bangwagoners trying to ju…  [+] (13 replies) 03/12/2014 on nothing but respect for... 0
#71 - rsd (03/12/2014) [-]
You just described most if not all sports that have been created.
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#114 - Senior Bob (03/13/2014) [-]
but at least in hockey there's something to break it up. when the final score can be triple digits thats not very entertaining and can get really repetitive.
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#65 - ballerking (03/12/2014) [-]
Found the Canadian. Seriously though baseball is actually the best sport. At least in Murica. Hockey is the toughest I agree, but Soccer is by far the pussiest sport. Don't compare a pussy like Lebron with the rest of the league.
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#92 - killerliquid (03/12/2014) [-]
Is funny cuz a Canadian created Basketball
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#81 - dubstepguru (03/12/2014) [-]
Please explain to me how Soccer is a pussy sport. We play just as hard as any other sport and people still hate it like it's their duty to hate it. How pussy is it to get cleated in the fucking face when you try to slide tackle someone? If any sport is a pussy sport it would be baseball. There is no contact. Its just swinging, throwing, and running. Nobody gets hurt in a baseball game. INB4 "Soccer players fake injuries."
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#115 - Senior Bob (03/13/2014) [-]
logically soccer makes no sense. when the net is like 10 times bigger than the goalie you'd expect the final score to be an insanely high number but the average game only has about 3 or so goals. from a spectators position its extremely boring. playing it is fun, but watching it is brutal. and when the worst possible injury to be had is getting cleated or breaking a leg you cant really say its a tough sport. the worst injury i've seen in hockey is players getting their neck sliced open from a skate and both players eventually returned to the NHL. thats pretty hard to compare. Pascal Dupuis pulled like 4 of his own teeth out on the bench and then got back out on the ice for another shift. thats dedication, thats toughness.
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#110 - ballerking (03/12/2014) [-]
Also. I see you were talking about baseball. My bad. Baseball doesn't have contact injuries. Well. I'm not sure you have watched a game if you say that. There are trying to take out home plate collisions, but they still happen. Outfielders run into each other. Yes less contact than other sports, but not no-contact. I would say it is a relatively safe sport compared to others though. Catchers get beat the hell out of.
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#111 - ballerking (03/12/2014) [-]
Also this collison. m.mlb.com/video/v15201733/
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#109 - ballerking (03/12/2014) [-]
Well maybe not necessarily a pussy sport. Just has a lot of pussy players faking injuries all of the time to get a foul. I honestly don't hate soccer like most Americans. Just not my cup of tea. Definitely better action than tennis. You can't say there is no contact in basketball. Everyone that has never played it just assumes. I have had an elbow to the throat, my toe broken by being stepped on by a fat ass, and broke my wrist by being pushed in the air while going for a rebound. Those are just a few injuries I have had while playing a "non-contact sport."
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#96 - killerliquid (03/12/2014) [-]
It seems like we're all forgetting that Chess, curling and such are recognized as sports.

I realize we're all talking about physical sports but I just wanted to remind people
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#100 - dubstepguru (03/12/2014) [-]
I understand that. I actually really like chess even though I suck at it. It just really makes me mad that EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. in the U.S thinks Soccer is a terrible sport. All I ever hear is how good Football and Basketball is and how bad Soccer is. In almost every other country, Soccer is considered the god of sports. If I were to diss Soccer in any way in Brazil or Spain or any other European country, I would probably get an earful and/or a beating.
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#116 - Senior Bob (03/13/2014) [-]
thats just nationalism though. say hockey is bad to canadians and you'll hear about it, talk shit about baseball to americans and look out, bad mouth soccer in europe and batten down the hatches for the shit storm. every nation has their national sport, and every person has their own opinion.
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#101 - killerliquid (03/12/2014) [-]
Everyone loves soccer in other countries because of how accessible it is. I don't see how soccer haters from the U.S. fail to see that.
#167 - i havent seen the 3rd movie, but im diggin that .gif  [+] (2 replies) 03/12/2014 on Between two Ferns, with Obama +1
#309 - TehFunnyMan (03/12/2014) [-]
Damn right you do.
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#210 - catburglarpenis (03/12/2014) [-]
I thought the third movie was exactly the same as the first 2, and so I actually liked it. However, I am a gigantic racist, so I'm not entirely sure how that factored into my calculations.
#64 - Picture 03/11/2014 on eat it! +1