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latest user's comments

#22 - Yeah Java is awesome love it, but JS is the monkeys ass.  [+] (8 replies) 05/17/2016 on /g/entooman bringing the... -1
#54 - bluejolt (05/17/2016) [-]
Personally, C# > JavaScript > Java.

I hated working with Java in school, I was far more comfortable with C#. Though this could be totally due to how fucking awful of a professor I had for the Java course. It was worse than listening to Ben Stein on Zoloft. Totally sucked any fun out of it. Still, I feel like you can write more code in less syntax in JS and C# than with Java.
#98 - fcrocker (05/17/2016) [-]
C# > JavaScript > Java
You comparing them like that pretty much sums up how retarded this entire discussion is. A load of people who don't know shit saying 'hurr language X is better than language Y"

No. The languages were designed for completely different things,. That's like saying 'Oh this hatchet is much better than this spoon, the spoon can't even cut wood'. It's a fucking stupid comparison. If people would actually take the time to learn about the semantics of languages and the core concepts defining them, rather than just pick whatever one has the prettiest syntax, we wouldn't have a generation of shit-teir 'Java Developers'

Admittedly you said it was your opinion, and gave the comparison in the context of what you enjoyed more, so I'm not hating on you personally.
User avatar
#35 - cockonopolis (05/17/2016) [-]
If you need to use Javascript, but are used to using a C based language like C#, you can try typescript, which allows you to write everything as you would in C#, more or less, and then it gets converted to Javascript. I had a mentor who used typescript all the time, because he mostly dabbled in C based languages; and C# was his favorite.
User avatar
#26 - hirollin (05/17/2016) [-]
learning it for web development currently

w-why do we hate it now?
#37 - therealkakashi (05/17/2016) [-]
Yeah, shits got me a bit worried too. But I feel like this is in the context of game development, even though it isn't really mentioned anywhere. People out here talking about Java and C++ which I don't believe are used in website design or development.

So I can understand that. JavaScript does not have any 3D capabilities unless you count Raycasting, which it's not. It does what's needed out of most websites and you can get complicated with it (click this and this happens), but if you're trying to make a game with JavaScript, your options are basically a Zork-esque "text-driven click and point" or maybe a Castlevania-esque FPS if you really work at it.

Point is its like trying to use a toaster as a fork. You can if you really want to, but you're pretty limited, and even if you do get it to work you'll just look like the school retard who figured out how to eat a sandwich with his feet.

I'm a purely front-end guy so if people out here talking about server security or something, that's not my field of expertise.
#96 - fcrocker (05/17/2016) [-]
People talk shit about Javascript because they don't understand what it was designed for; it's a 'prototyping' language, dynamic and Weakly typed. Essentially it is very flexible, but inefficient as hell, compared to things like C. But comparing the two is fucking retarded.

For web development, the entire concept of CSS/HTML/Javascript is pretty convoluted. But it's definitely the best there is. Don't worry about learning these faggy new languages like Ruby. If you want marketable Web Dev skills, learn those three for front end, and SQL & PHP for your backend.
User avatar
#59 - animesource (05/17/2016) [-]
Except Javascript does support OpenGL thus it supports most 3D features.
Unity games can be exported into Javascript, of course it's slower than standard .exe.
User avatar
#23 - hapasan (05/17/2016) [-]
I still use Javascript Well, Coffeescript, I've been making stuff using Node Webkit , but I do agree it has many flaws. Syntactic sugar, like CoffeeScript Even that's not the best , do help however.
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