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#238 - No stoner would ever pass up any kind of starburst.  [+] (1 reply) 03/19/2012 on High in Class +1
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#247 - drunkturtle (03/19/2012) [-]
Well, we wouldn't pass up an opportunity to share something awesome with each other either.
#33 - I have asthma so I can't take that big of hits, but the more I…  [+] (1 reply) 12/29/2011 on Veteran Toker 0
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#34 - TuccessfulSroll (12/29/2011) [-]
Happens to the best of us. No one starts out as a seasoned champ lol. Took years till snapping a cone was just a start of the day thing, you know? :P
#57 - this has got to stop showing up on every single weed pic, i ge…  [+] (10 replies) 12/06/2011 on logic +10
#95 - Viggiator (12/06/2011) [-]
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#94 - lordmoldywart (12/06/2011) [-]
Whether it's funny is subjective. I don't think it is, so I posted an image that mocks those who think smoking weed is funny
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#117 - Kaiserlome (12/06/2011) [-]
Agh, god damn it, it's not about smoking weed. You could replace this with ANYTHING that causes a smell and the joke would be the same.
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#166 - lordmoldywart (12/06/2011) [-]
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#168 - Kaiserlome (12/06/2011) [-]

It's easy to just disregard somebodies point without backing yours up at all.
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#169 - lordmoldywart (12/07/2011) [-]
Yeah it is easy, but if you insist...

How about you replace the word weed with tobacco, or lavendar, or Febreeze 'Garden Fresh'... You wouldn't go making mistakes like 'turning off the lights to get rid of the smell'. It would only happen with substances that make your brain do stupid things. So no, this joke only applies to weed and other drugs of the sort.
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#175 - Kaiserlome (12/07/2011) [-]
Yes it's possible that someone would make that very same mistake while sober, people do stupid things.
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#177 - lordmoldywart (12/07/2011) [-]
But it's a lot less likely to happen when sober. I've never made a mistake like this before
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#179 - Kaiserlome (12/07/2011) [-]
Yes, less likely but not impossible. There a loads of posts on this site about dumb things people have done that get thumbed up.
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#186 - lordmoldywart (12/07/2011) [-]
Sure, but not something like turning the lights off to get rid of a smell

If they do I'm sure they're suffering from a mental illness, lol
#116 - **Rotnpankake rolls 31** Benjamin Franklin was a great print…  [+] (2 replies) 11/16/2011 on Epic amish people +4
#120 - gelantinus (11/16/2011) [-]
**gelantinus rolls 46**
#126 - supseb (11/16/2011) [-]

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