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#3 - By definition over-thinking is bad, hence the "over".  [+] (3 replies) 04/23/2014 on Well, he is telling the truth 0
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#4 - captainfuckitall (04/23/2014) [-]
But it's impossible to 'over-think' something, because 'over-thinking' and 'deeply examining' or 'analyzing' are the exact same things
#5 - dontknowmeatall (04/23/2014) [-]
No, they're not.

Deeply analysing: "Well, Jen smiles at me and tries to sit next to me at lunch. We have a great time together and we can talk about a lot of things without getting bored. If I ask her out, there's a good chance she says yes, and even if she doesn't, we can still be friends, that doesn't have to end."

Over-thinking: "WTF Jen smiled at me!!! I think she has the hots for me. But what if she doesn't? what if she's just a bitch pretending to be nice to mock me when I tell her I like her??? What if she gets people to see it and laugh at me and they put it on Youtube and it goes viral and everyone in the world makes fun of my betaness??? She might like me but if she doesn't my life is fucked. I hate that bitch, I hope she drops dead. And THEN I'll fuck her. And I'll hide the body behind that old tree next to Josh's house so they blame on him. But I'll have to use a condom or they might find my DNA and I'll be done. I better go to FJ instead of this. FunnyJunk would never laugh at my feelings unless I become a fag. I'm not a fag, I'll go fap to re-stablish my self-esteem."
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#6 - captainfuckitall (04/23/2014) [-]
That's Negative-Overthinking you're referring to in the bottom example. Positive-Overthinking is what's happening in the first example.

It's just that "Overthinking" in general has a negative connotation attached to it because people so rarely "Overthink" positive scenarios
#11 - Shots fired.  [+] (3 replies) 04/23/2014 on George’s Other Profession +63
#41 - drturkleton (04/23/2014) [-]
that line will forever remind me of this beautiful bastard
#77 - bann (04/24/2014) [-]
Why's that? Seem like a funny story.
#42 - zacharlfreeman has deleted their comment.
#12 - LIAR! 04/23/2014 on Sound advice +11