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#14 - QFT, comment #10... That "augmented reality" caus…  [+] (10 replies) 01/14/2011 on Real Life Pokemon Battles -1
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#16 - gigawatt (01/14/2011) [-]
I believe that was, for the most part, understood and even if it wasn't there was no need to add the word Fag to the end of that sentence.
#19 - Raiki (01/14/2011) [-]
comes with the territory of spending too much time in /b/, newfag :P

OT: the way he explained it made it sound like he was: "HERP DERP, REAL LIFE PIKACHU. I WANNA HUG IT AND RUB IT AND KISS IT AND TICKLE IT"
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#20 - gigawatt (01/14/2011) [-]
Actually the way he explained it was, and I quote, "Imagine two traienrs laying out their cards(as in the card game) and watching their pokemon come to life on the screen(As in not real life)," I'm really not seeing where u got the herp derp from...
#21 - Raiki (01/14/2011) [-]
"Aim the camera at it to cause virtual things to appear in the real world"
When you isolate this sentence and its idea, as he did in his paragraph, it implies what I explained before.
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#23 - gigawatt (01/14/2011) [-]
You isolated the sentence in the paragraph he says nothing of holograms he merely said point the camera at the target. The word appear in this context is taken to mean that whatever screen is viewing what the camera is pointed at. It's alright if you didn't understand that english is one of the harder languages in the world to master and if it isn't your primary language then it is easy to understand the mistake and I am glad to have helped.
#27 - Raiki (01/14/2011) [-]
I'll just leave it at the fact that my dominion of the language is better that the OP's, if anything, and that English is a joke to master... Try mandarin, Taiwanese and yes, even Japanese (with all 3 of its modes and 16,000+ characters). European Languages in general are the easiest languages due to the ease their Latin base.
#42 - anon (01/14/2011) [-]
Actually compared to other languages of the world, American English is one of the hardest to master.

Us Americans' language is a big clusterfuck filled with slang, double meanings, opposite meanings and even wrong meanings (i.e. "That's gay."). Sure, most native speakers know that it means that it sucks or is terrible in some way. But while learning English as a second language, there's multiple interpretations of "gay" and more words.

We have less characters yes, but a much more complicated and clusterfucked language than other places. So please get a little more knowledge before you act like an idiot.


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#29 - gigawatt (01/14/2011) [-]
English is one of the easiest languages to SPEAK but of the harder languages to master I stand by my statement. But the entirety of the english language is based off of not just the words but the context like most other languages in the world but Off topic again.

Anyway have a good day Fjer see ya round I gotta head up to get groceries.
#28 - Raiki (01/14/2011) [-]
btw, all your base are belong to us
#30 - gigawatt (01/14/2011) [-]
The game
#9 - HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO THIS!?!?! I cant even get a square goi…  [+] (1 reply) 01/14/2011 on Pikachu Etch a Sketch. +5
#29 - anon (01/16/2011) [-]
well, I am the person who made this, and I can easily tell you, though I am sure this comment will eventually be deleted by Yaro. I am Pikajane, and I have been blocked from yaro because I asked that he give me permission for my work. I have been etch a sketching for over 15 years now, since I was 4. I have been practicing for years, and I am at the point to where I don't have to think about which knob does what. This piece took me roughly an hour or so to do, and if you would like to see proof that this is not yaro's and is in fact mine, you can look this piece up on google, and will find that I have uploaded it a long time ago on deviantart and flickr. If this comment gets deleted, I will send it to you as a message.
#75 - fukkin saved and borrowed  [+] (1 reply) 01/14/2011 on Repost 0
#139 - nippleshit (01/15/2011) [-]
have it :) its all yours.
#121 - haha *wheez* theoretically thats impossible my friend *snort* …  [+] (1 reply) 01/14/2011 on Nazi Zombies +7
#293 - Mrworm (01/27/2011) [-]
Did...did you just...did you just zoom in on a sentence?
How in the f-
#163 - rake broken= twice the raping  [+] (2 replies) 01/13/2011 on Not the rake! +12
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#190 - ovaca (01/13/2011) [-]
With SPLINTERS!!!!!1!!!111!111!1!!!!!!!!!!!
#165 - bboyman (01/13/2011) [-]
twice u say?