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#718 - Another tip - Draw a dot on your hand, or some kind of remembe…  [+] (4 new replies) 06/02/2011 on how to lucid dream +7
User avatar #730 - beelzerefresh (06/02/2011) [-]
There is however a flaw to this method as it cannot be percieved by everyone, sometimes out of memory your brain will subconciously reproduce it, thats why its always easier to use something more mechanical or physical, like a device or something with weight, My item is actually my phone, as in my dream it appears as a blue phone because that is my favorite color, and the weight of it is different in my dream, its sometimes lighter or heavier, never the right weight, and also when the screen comes on it has weird written language for a background. but this is just a tip, every lucid dreamer has a different feel of their dream world. Happy Dreaming.

Also, Lucid Dreaming is a great skill for artists,
#735 - Psychobradley (06/02/2011) [-]
#722 - wariochamp (06/02/2011) [-]
or you could carry arond a spinning top...
#725 - Psychobradley (06/02/2011) [-]
#750 - **Psychobradley rolls 18** I aint even mad 05/25/2011 on Ebay Ipad auction 0
#402 - **Psychobradley rolls 50**  [+] (4 new replies) 05/25/2011 on Poor Deutschs. 0
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#438 - pharoahemonch has deleted their comment.
#432 - anssi has deleted their comment.
#2 - Picture 05/23/2011 on Random Funny Comp part 2 +2
#249 - **Psychobradley rolls 29** 05/23/2011 on Credit Stealers +1
#365 - Picture 05/22/2011 on Y U NO COMP 1 +9
#30 - WHY ARE WE FUNDING APERATURE SCIENCE TO WORK OUT THIS? 05/21/2011 on Do black people really exist? +12
#65 - **Psychobradley rolls 18** 05/20/2011 on I banged her a little +5
#2 - Picture 05/20/2011 on Holy shit, a lion! 0
#33 - ...I hate mushrooms  [+] (3 new replies) 05/18/2011 on Racist OC comic +78
#538 - bullbrigade (05/19/2011) [-]
#434 - Common Pepe (05/19/2011) [-]
same fag and the punch line is i like my mushrooms fried.
#35 - XShanaynayX has deleted their comment.
#32 - I like my black people like i like my mushrooms  [+] (4 new replies) 05/18/2011 on Racist OC comic +71
#33 - Psychobradley (05/18/2011) [-]
...I hate mushrooms
#538 - bullbrigade (05/19/2011) [-]
#434 - Common Pepe (05/19/2011) [-]
same fag and the punch line is i like my mushrooms fried.
#35 - XShanaynayX has deleted their comment.
#146 - Picture 05/18/2011 on were not so different +15
#44 - True, just gets old and annoying eventually 05/18/2011 on School in America +4
#41 - Picture 05/18/2011 on School in America +3
#39 - Picture 05/18/2011 on School in America +2
#129 - Why are you comparing a country to a continent?  [+] (21 new replies) 05/18/2011 on were not so different +18
#145 - tangedal (05/18/2011) [-]
Cause the people of USA seems to have an ego the size of a continent
#594 - girlwiththeglasses (05/19/2011) [-]
User avatar #261 - jamesisawesome (05/18/2011) [-]
Because no single country in the EU can compare to all we've done
#598 - girlwiththeglasses (05/19/2011) [-]
what have YOU done !
dont say we just because you were born in america ! What the shit !
and tell me, what have the u.s. done. because in a good to bad ratio, america fucking sucks.
but oh no nevermind, they killed laden without any proof and have a black president that hasnt done anything,
they're fuckin amazing.
clap clap for you, youre american, that makes you automatically great in every way. please continue to have an ego bigger than the u.s. itself, you've earned it.
User avatar #611 - jamesisawesome (05/19/2011) [-]
YOU haven't done anything either, it's just that your countries haven't done as much individually as America has
What has America done that's worse than Europe? You have the holocaust, the crusades, centuries of cruel and unusual punishment and America has done what? Some friendly fire and Japense-American intermission
Nice attempt at rolling though, have a gold star for effort,then STFU
#624 - girlwiththeglasses (05/19/2011) [-]
Friendly fire?!
are you shitting me?!
You are so ignorant !
Japan attacked an AMERICAN ARMY BASE,
and america retalitated by KILLING THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE and from the blast ANNIHILATING the land so nothing can thrive there ! And you're comparing all of europe to america ! Very biased. Bull shit !
User avatar #1149 - jamesisawesome (05/19/2011) [-]
When America dropped the warheads, Japan had 2 million men ready to fight (to the death) and defend their homeland
If all of those 2 million men died, and then any civilians who took up arms against the US or died in the crossfire, and then any AMericans who died, you have at least 3 million people dead
Compare that to less than 100,000 dead, you're retarded
#1150 - girlwiththeglasses (05/19/2011) [-]
Where the shit do you get your facts?!
What you just said made NO SENSE whatsoever ! and if I'm so retarded then why is everyone thumbing you down, but me up? God just shut the fuck up. You just want to defend your pride, stop trying, really.
Here are the things that count.
Japan attacked a MILITARY BASE. That is FAIR.
those are NOT MILITARY BASES. THOSE ARE PLACES IN WHICH CIVILIANS LIVE. It doesn't matter how many japanese men were willing to protect their homeland, it doesn't matter how many american soldiers were in the military base. The fact of the matter is, America knew full well they were attacking an innocent place, and they did so with that knowledge. This makes them DOUCHEBAGS.
User avatar #1151 - jamesisawesome (05/19/2011) [-]
Okay, Dumbass
Japan was attacking a lot of places at once, China, The Pacific, Southeast Asia...You honestly think that not a single civilian was killed in those wars? And then they, without being provoked, attacked Pearl Harbor, those men had families, you're saying that murdering them was OK?
Go fuck yourself
#1153 - girlwiththeglasses (05/19/2011) [-]
You're saying murdering the ENTIRE FAMILIES in the villages was okay?
Murder in any way is not okay, but america took it too far. they take everything too far. Holy shit just stop while you're ahead, what happened to not responding to the obvious "troll"? Yeah, didn't work out so well since you're a pompous egotistical american. Shove it up your ass buddy.
User avatar #1154 - jamesisawesome (05/19/2011) [-]
So now your only defense is to insult me?
I'd say that means I win, enjoy being a Eurofag who does nothing but whine about America
#1157 - girlwiththeglasses (05/19/2011) [-]
Oh ! And by the way ! Thanks for thumbing me down like a butthurt baby ! Shows how mad you are about everything and how childish you take things.
Have fun kissing America's ass and soaking up everything the government says ! That sure is healthy ! In the mean time, America can supposedly kill more terrorists and stop the human race from developing by populating its land with brainwashed assfucks like you who can't think for themselves and need to express those views on the internet because they're soooooo awesome ! Fuck it man, last thing I'm posting, you make me sick. Wake the fuck up.
User avatar #1158 - jamesisawesome (05/19/2011) [-]
Where in here have I said 'The goverment is always right.'? Oh right, I haven't
You're making so many assumptions and think you're superior
So go ahead and be immature about this and just 'yell' and whine
Yep, I'm the butthurt baby, because I can't even form an actual argument
I thumbed you down because you're anidiot, that's why the system is there
So go ahead, enjoy fucking yourself in the ass with lit dynamite
#1155 - girlwiththeglasses (05/19/2011) [-]
You've been insulting me this entire time !
What the fucking fuck fuck. You are SUCH a hypocrite ! Kay there, you deifnitely win, because when someone really wins an internet fight, they're totally the douchebag saying, "Oh I win!" I'm not even in Europe. I've never even BEEN to Europe, but believe it or not, you don't need to live or be born somewhere to have a high respect for a place, so AMERICAN, have fun being AMERICAN and loving AMERICA where everything's fuckin made in CHINA. Suck my nonexistent PENIS you oblivious government-whipped bitch !
User avatar #1156 - jamesisawesome (05/19/2011) [-]
I told you you're a dumbass, during an argument, that's the only acceptable insult, you have not been able to counter any of my arguments, al you've done is say 'America sux! LOL!!!!!11111111111'
So ok, you win, go masterbate in the dark because no one loves you and you're incredibly confrontational
#628 - jamesisawesome (05/19/2011) [-]
#633 - girlwiththeglasses (05/19/2011) [-]
Oh wow.
Okay, sure. I say all that, but you're clearly right because you facepalmed. Kay, really clever of you, maybe you should take back that gold star and give it to yourself.
User avatar #635 - jamesisawesome (05/19/2011) [-]
I'm not arguing with trolls, you saw my comment, and you are obviously very ignorant
So imma just let you have the last word here
#639 - girlwiththeglasses (05/19/2011) [-]
Kay, if you were smart in any way you'd realize I'm not a troll.
And yeah, kinda annoying when I call you ignorant, and you just say the exact same thing to me, makes me think YOU'RE the troll... Okay, give me the last word, shows how much you can block out and replace with your false mentality. America's good at that.
#146 - Psychobradley (05/18/2011) [-]
User avatar #143 - wotm (05/18/2011) [-]
more region wise, i am guessing
#35 - Well now you know how it feel to be stereotyped  [+] (7 new replies) 05/18/2011 on School in America +5
#43 - Zanchoff (05/18/2011) [-]
Sensible people like ourselves only stereotype in a joking way. The US and Europe are both filled with very diverse peoples.
User avatar #44 - Psychobradley (05/18/2011) [-]
True, just gets old and annoying eventually
User avatar #40 - infectiousaids (05/18/2011) [-]
I am indifferent
#41 - Psychobradley (05/18/2011) [-]
User avatar #36 - iwantedyourname (05/18/2011) [-]
die euroqueer die
#64 - thenatattack (05/18/2011) [-]
#39 - Psychobradley (05/18/2011) [-]
#88 - Picture  [+] (2 new replies) 05/17/2011 on Lesson 234 +5
#90 - loljkkthxbye has deleted their comment.
#111 - Covenantkilla (05/17/2011) [-]
#112 - Picture 05/17/2011 on true story +8
#461 - Picture 05/06/2011 on Hide N' Seek -1
#459 - **Psychobradley rolls 44** 10 - 50 Justin Beiber Tim…  [+] (3 new replies) 05/06/2011 on Hide N' Seek -3
#472 - Common Pepe (05/06/2011) [-]
**anonymous rolls 78** Sweet Jebus!
#464 - Common Pepe (05/06/2011) [-]
**anonymous rolls 24** digits and its Rebecca Black time!!!
#461 - Psychobradley (05/06/2011) [-]
#18 - **Psychobradley rolls 45** Cheese Burger 04/29/2011 on Welcome to Mcdonalds 0
#24 - What the **** is this magical scene?  [+] (3 new replies) 04/29/2011 on Will Ferrell +5
#68 - speedxninja (04/29/2011) [-]
User avatar #27 - niggermccheese (04/29/2011) [-]
Call of duty black ops trailer: There's a soldier in all of us.
User avatar #26 - AndyWo (04/29/2011) [-]
its from the call of duty black ops commercial
#98 - **Psychobradley rolls 7** 04/29/2011 on when do men grow their... 0
#513 - Picture 04/29/2011 on Are You A Wizard +1


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