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#81 - Why? What's wrong with being yourself?  [+] (3 new replies) 07/22/2015 on When you find out she uses... +1
#82 - fazbear (07/22/2015) [-]
Well, I'm not a cute Asian girl for starters.
There's also the whole FNaF fantard thing, and I look very androgynous
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#83 - Pestilence (07/22/2015) [-]
There's nothing wrong with being passionate about something.

Be yourself. Embrace yourself. Fuck what other people think.

It's those qualities that will find you someone worthwhile - not wishing you could be a cute Asian girl just because it's an internet fad (and really overhyped in my opinion).
#84 - fazbear (07/22/2015) [-]
I was trying to be funny with the Asian girl thing, but thank you for kind words.
#282 - P.S. I hate cheaters and find them pathetic and despi… 07/22/2015 on Ashley Madison 0
#280 - Marriage should have stayed a religious practice and never bee…  [+] (5 new replies) 07/22/2015 on Ashley Madison +1
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#305 - manholefreddy (07/22/2015) [-]
I think marriage became a national government issue when gays decided to get involved and kept getting booted out

Not that I have anything against them.

PS: We're a country that's inherently Christian anyway, so of course religious topics would get more media than in other countries.
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#308 - Pestilence (07/22/2015) [-]
If marriage would have stayed within religion and out of government, the fight for marriage equality wouldn't have happened to begin with, because there would have been no benefits to be gained from getting married.

Now, obviously there's the "highest expression of love" argument, but I would also argue that, had marriage stayed within religion, we wouldn't have developed that ideology in the first place.

There is a reason that separation of church and state exists. I know that's hard to believe, considering it is rarely enforced.
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#319 - manholefreddy (07/22/2015) [-]
I agree that state and religion should be entirely separate, even with taxes. But that's all too ideal (especially in America where it's practically commonplace to believe in god). There has to be some sort of intermingling at some point.

How else will churches get money?

What if an issue comes up that deals with religion (I.E: Post 9/11 crap)

It's easy to want religion to stay out of politics, but when an overwhelming majority are in religion, it's kind of hard to ignore.

I'd say more but my phone is complete crap and I'm at work.
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#324 - manholefreddy (07/22/2015) [-]
I only say all this because marriage is a religious issue. It should stay that way and no one should have to benefit from it economically, but unfortunately it can't.
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#282 - Pestilence (07/22/2015) [-]

I hate cheaters and find them pathetic and despicable, but some people just don't have the foresight to not marry or the patience to actually fix their fucking marriage.
#32 - I also have a friend like this, except she's hot and I really … 07/11/2015 on I've gotten him to life... +6
#71 - Fourth of July was going swell, until the fire nation attacked… 07/06/2015 on Turn down your volume +1
#58 - Swedish metal, friend. Swedish metal.  [+] (1 new reply) 07/06/2015 on cute as fuck +1
#61 - benighted (07/06/2015) [-]
nice nice opeth is the shit! theeeee graaaaaand cooooonnnnnnjuuuuuuuuraaaaaaiiiiitttttiiiiioooooooooon!!!!
#54 - The **** did you just say? Sweden is one of the great…  [+] (3 new replies) 07/06/2015 on cute as fuck -2
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#57 - shugudugs (07/06/2015) [-]
Are you talking about the Swedespammer?
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#58 - Pestilence (07/06/2015) [-]
Swedish metal, friend.

Swedish metal.

Opeth - Ghost of Perdition (Audio)
#61 - benighted (07/06/2015) [-]
nice nice opeth is the shit! theeeee graaaaaand cooooonnnnnnjuuuuuuuuraaaaaaiiiiitttttiiiiioooooooooon!!!!
#75 - Comment deleted 07/01/2015 on 100 years of beauty 0
#98 - If you enjoyed the post, you'll enjoy this. 07/01/2015 on WHAT DO WE DO WITH A... 0
#12 - I understand the thought behind it, and I absolutely adore ani…  [+] (7 new replies) 06/30/2015 on Too hot for dog +3
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#17 - captainprincess (06/30/2015) [-]
Yeahbut a dogs paws are going to be out there on the pavement for a lot longer than 4 seconds

It's kinda relative yknow
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#28 - chikibriki (06/30/2015) [-]
but each paw will not be on the pavement for longer than 4 seconds at a time unless it's standing still

if it's actually walking then its paws will a: not pick up as much heat, and b: cool off slightly in teh time it's not contacting the ground
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#44 - captainprincess (06/30/2015) [-]
Ok here's a trick
Go to a hot grill and just poke it

Just keep poking it and see if your fingers dont get burned
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#101 - therealtjthemedic (06/30/2015) [-]
Here's a trick: walk on some hot pavement barefoot. Stand still: your feet get hot, continue walking: it's not that hot.
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#102 - captainprincess (06/30/2015) [-]
maybe not your feet but idk how dogs paws work they might be more sensitive or some shit
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#45 - chikibriki (06/30/2015) [-]
a 500 degree grill is a lot different from a 120 degree sidewalk
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#46 - captainprincess (06/30/2015) [-]
same concept though
reapted short-term contact can still produce heat conduction