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#128 - i thought TF2 was free to everyone? or are their microtransactions?  [+] (7 replies) 11/28/2013 on MMOs +1
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#134 - humorouswaste (11/28/2013) [-]
its f2p but to get weapons you can either pay or spend countless manhours obtaining them for free
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#130 - murrlogic (11/28/2013) [-]
There was a time you had to pay for TF2 but it's F2P for everyone

but that would mean you start at the bottom because the people you'll be fighting already have the best weapons randomly dropped crates could give them

and they have plenty of money to burn on keys
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#131 - PedosxScaryxUncle (11/28/2013) [-]
oh ok i see what youre saying. I bought it when it was free and i didnt think that i played people that were too much better than i was
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#132 - murrlogic (11/28/2013) [-]
>There are people on TF2 that compare their dick size to how many hats they have collected
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#133 - PedosxScaryxUncle (11/28/2013) [-]
by that logic my dick is like 2 inches cause i have not tried to collect hats so im guessing at how many i have haha
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#135 - murrlogic (11/28/2013) [-]
I dont collect hats. Just weapons.

And Achievements because I am a gaming Autist

and Gaben hurts me by updating the Achievement list literally every holiday so it's like the ride never ends.
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#136 - PedosxScaryxUncle (11/28/2013) [-]
fun never ends so thats good i guess
#33 - he is the Mayor of Toronto, Canada. He was caught smoking crac…  [+] (5 replies) 11/20/2013 on Rob Ford- The Hero We Deserve 0
#42 - anon (11/20/2013) [-]
Bullshit, was not caught smoking crack. He was filmed in drunken stupor talking about fighting mike Tyson and little fairies like you screamed "crack". He is half decent mayor and people need to get out of his personal life because its pathetic and unnecessary. Too lazy to log in but my account is fffuuuckyeamegusta Source: Born and raised in Toronto and I actually analyze the info given to me instead of making faggot assumptions.
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#34 - gwenisghey (11/20/2013) [-]
ok, so whats the joke with him about?
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#38 - fuelnfire (11/20/2013) [-]
What mainly was the huge thing about him, was that upon having video evidence of him smoking crack revealed, he admitted to doing it, and then announced that he would refuse to step down willingly.
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#39 - gwenisghey (11/20/2013) [-]
i just learned about him today, and already i like him
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#35 - PedosxScaryxUncle (11/20/2013) [-]
probably that he is just a political figure who is trying to stand up against the higher power or something. Also i'm pretty sure he is running for office again when the next election comes up for his position
#738 - Comment deleted  [+] (1 reply) 11/19/2013 on Help me out 0
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