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#127 - They're not shutting down Maxis, they're shutting down Maxis's… 14 hours ago on EA shut down Maxis 0
#123 - The main problem is most hentai is still drawn like 90s animes…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/03/2015 on Generic anime rule: +1
#139 - anonexplains (03/03/2015) [-]
Actually, the reason most hentai at least the ones you find on western porn sites look like 90s Anime is because they are 90s Anime. Unlike those old flicks, the newer productions still have some relevant copyright protection and are therefore causing more legal problems.
#36 - Picture 03/03/2015 on The meme market these days... +4
#71 - I stole it from imgur, I'm just upset I didn't think of postin…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/01/2015 on I made myself sad +2
#73 - zhlandir (03/01/2015) [-]
Well, I thought so - but still. You will always stay inside my heart.
#68 - radical  [+] (4 new replies) 03/01/2015 on I made myself sad +4
#117 - bigbrostrider (03/01/2015) [-]
how the tits did you get positive thumbs with a troll post.
#70 - zhlandir (03/01/2015) [-]
the summoning worked

i saw you post this back on the spock is kill post
#71 - NoXV (03/01/2015) [-]
I stole it from imgur, I'm just upset I didn't think of posting it as content first.
#73 - zhlandir (03/01/2015) [-]
Well, I thought so - but still. You will always stay inside my heart.
#273 - Picture  [+] (3 new replies) 02/28/2015 on RIP Leonard Nimoy +49
#314 - canadiancarl (02/28/2015) [-]
#285 - roninneko (02/28/2015) [-]
... Oh, now you've fucking done it...
#281 - figosound (02/28/2015) [-]
This deserves mar thumbs
#86 - Picture 02/28/2015 on RIP Leonard Nimoy +3
#14 - order corn 02/24/2015 on How Embarassing 0
#28 - Monkey see, monkey do. 02/24/2015 on :-O -6
#308 - Picture 02/22/2015 on nope nope nope +4

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#16 to #15 - stealthnull (01/11/2015) [-]
How're you doing today?
How're you doing today?
#17 to #16 - NoXV (01/11/2015) [-]
I woke up feeling like I've been run over by a semi but other thant hat I'm good, I suppose.
I woke up feeling like I've been run over by a semi but other thant hat I'm good, I suppose.
#18 to #17 - stealthnull (01/11/2015) [-]
Well i hope you at least feel....semi-better than me, i wake up every day feeling like someone broke in my room and beat me with a hammer.
#19 to #18 - NoXV (01/11/2015) [-]
I sleep on a mattress on the floor so, I feel like this image accurately represents me waking up in the morning.
#20 to #19 - stealthnull (01/11/2015) [-]
**stealthnull used "*roll picture*"**
**stealthnull rolled image** well that freggin sucks
#13 - crazybumi (06/26/2014) [-]
and now you get your own custom dildo
#12 - datgrass (06/25/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #11 - Byte ONLINE (06/21/2014) [-]
Your profile lays before me.
A canvas with which to play.
I leave you here, the first poem to see.
I hope you have a wonderful day.
User avatar #9 - kokanum (03/23/2014) [-]
The Offspring - You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
#6 - minibeep (02/28/2014) [-]
your name is dumb
#7 to #6 - NoXV (02/28/2014) [-]
Thanks for your opinion.
#8 to #7 - minibeep (02/28/2014) [-]
User avatar #1 - confusedasian (01/30/2014) [-]
Hey man. No reaction picture sorry, I don't feel it's appropriate considering that this is serious.

If you remember back you said you wanted a 3ds? Well, if you're still wanting one then just shoot me an inbox of your address. I would inbox you too, but I don't think you get notifications so you might miss the message. Also, I think there's a character limit.

Actually really think about this though. I know I'm trustworthy, but you don't know me personally so this is more of a big risk on your part. Relax a little and really think about this. If you want reassurance I swear that I won't send a bunch of weird stuff to you. Or that I won't give your address away. This is all up to you.

A safer way I can think of is if you have some type of po box, I'm not quite sure what it's called exactly. I could send it to that instead of you giving me your address. Again, I don't really know about it. If you want to follow through with that, then yeah po box me. I'd feel better about that anyways.

Another thing, since you're giving me personal information go ahead and ask me anything, within reason, and I'll tell you about me personally if you want.

I don't know if you own the actual Pokemon game or not so you'll have to tell me. It's no problem if you don't. Just pick one and I'll get it with the 3ds. Uh, like I said I'm not very current in pokemon so I can't really help you on picking which game to get. One has a deer and the other has some bird with a platypus tail so. I think the bird looks cooler, but the deer is blue. All up to you though.

For the system themselves:
-Found this cool blue one with the deer and bird artwork.


I found others that are pink (I think it looks nice), a purple, a bluish green (Aqua?), and a red one.

If you have a site you trust then yeah I'll check it out. Think about it first.
User avatar #4 to #1 - NoXV (01/30/2014) [-]
The one you linked looks nice, I don't currently have the game, so getting it for me would be awesome. It's cool and all about the address, I'm willing to share it, because I honestly have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Seriously man, I don't know how to thank you for this, even though you say it's not much on your part.

TL;DR: The one you linked is perfect, I don't have the game and I'd prefer Pokemon X (Blue Deer) over Pokemon Y (Red Bird Thing), but either one works. I'll PM you the address.
User avatar #5 to #4 - confusedasian (01/30/2014) [-]
I messaged you back. Haven't done anything as of yet, want to make sure everything is all good. Also, I'll message you the screenshots of every step and I'll give you the code following thing. Usually when I buy stuff on amazon they give me some code that I can track the packages progress. Not sure what it's called exactly I just know it's a code.

I'll also look if I can bundle everything together. So you get them both at the same time, instead of the system first and then the game. Or the other way around.
User avatar #2 to #1 - confusedasian (01/30/2014) [-]
I'm pretty sure you're an adult, but if you're not get your parents and tell them about this. Don't just give your address away to some random stranger on the internet. Tell them about this and see what they have to say.

Other than that, it just comes down to you. Your choice, but don't freak out about it. Take all the time you need.

I'm off for now, but remember everything I said. the po box thing, your parents if you're just a kid. See you whenever.
User avatar #3 to #2 - confusedasian (01/30/2014) [-]
Oh, and I forgot to tell you. I'm going to send screenshots through all the steps. I will delete my personal card info though so.
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