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#2 - I want to read Dickens, but I just can't stand how it drones on.  [+] (4 replies) 03/17/2016 on First lines of famous books 0
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#35 - mrbator (03/17/2016) [-]
Start with Oliver Twist, I thought the same thing, but once you get through a few chapters reading it feels as natural as breathing.
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#34 - whiteobama (03/17/2016) [-]
He also wrote short stories.
#13 - justtocomment (03/17/2016) [-]
Then you really don't want to read Dickens, because that is all he fucking does.
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#17 - MrDeadiron (03/17/2016) [-]
Yeah getting payed by the word is a bitch, but he has his moments.
#44 - But by doing this they're no better than all the sjw faggots.  [+] (4 replies) 03/15/2016 on Congratulations.. You... +1
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#49 - goodguygary (03/15/2016) [-]
it's hilarious to know you're going to get red-thumbed into oblivion for being right.
SJW's use the same underhanded tactics to get someone canned, and when someone does it to this chick suddenly it's okay. hypocrites the lot of ye
#89 - anon (03/15/2016) [-]
It's hilarious that you think the alternative, letting one group control every "okay" opinion to have and shutting down everyone elses is better.

It's better for everyone to be equally deterred from political shitposting than to have one group that is the only one allowed to do so and there are dire consequences for everyone else.

It's about time it started biting their own in the ass, maybe then they'll change.
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#92 - goodguygary (03/15/2016) [-]
never did i even imply that first sentence anon, but good assumptions.
every time someone posts some shit about an SJW getting a dude fired because he said or did something they viewed as wrong, you faggots get incredibly enraged (albeit rightfully so) but then this comes around and FJ's hypocrisy shows itself, because getting someone fired over something they said (yes it was stupid to say that, but that is irrelevant) is SJW tier faggotry.
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#53 - blackmageewizardt (03/15/2016) [-]
The fucktards really don´t want to have it true that they become what they dispise

" it´s okay when we do it to them, they deserve it! "

Yeah, not like the entire SJW went out of control exactly because of this mental idea.
#25 - Because they tried to give a plot around season 4 and theyre w…  [+] (2 replies) 03/03/2016 on RedVsBlue +2
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#35 - admiralloli (03/03/2016) [-]
like what
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#40 - MrDeadiron (03/06/2016) [-]
Just watch the series man there are so many of them.
#30 - Good job, you just kissed a dude.  [+] (1 reply) 03/01/2016 on FJ Dream Show +16
#40 - anon (03/01/2016) [-]
Okay. Sooo, which one's...

The other trap?