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#55 - Uuuhhh the only country that matters, duh.  [+] (13 replies) 05/02/2016 on Muh laser Diffuser +2
#67 - sherlockbatman (05/02/2016) [-]
**sherlockbatman used "*roll picture*"**
**sherlockbatman rolled image**
actually, our money is technically made of cloth
#90 - McDiddys (05/03/2016) [-]
Cloth, paper, its all plant fibers. Our money is made of ground up plant bits.
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#78 - deutschblut (05/02/2016) [-]
Technically, and actually.

Always has since I have been alive.
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#56 - deutschblut (05/02/2016) [-]
When has America ever used paper money?

When has America ever used plastic money?

Why does American money have the Queen of England on it?
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#58 - fadetometallica (05/02/2016) [-]
What? America has always used paper money. And the picture MuahahaofLore posted clearly isn't American.
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#76 - deutschblut (05/02/2016) [-]
America has NEVER use paper money since I have been alive.

And I am old.

You are fucking stupid.
#82 - fadetometallica (05/03/2016) [-]
Then what the hell do you call all of this?

Also, this:
"The United States issues paper currency and coins to pay for purchases, taxes, and debts."

Get your facts straight, dumbfuck.
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#85 - deutschblut (05/03/2016) [-]
If that money is made from paper, you are going to prison...
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#83 - goodhomer (05/03/2016) [-]
"Paper Money" is made out of 25% Linen and 75% Cotton.

The term "paper money" is just a name.
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#93 - fadetometallica (05/03/2016) [-]
Yes, I know that. I thought everyone knew that, but apparently the angry guy who keeps thumbing me down didn't.
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#86 - deutschblut (05/03/2016) [-]
Where did that term ever start?

I mean, since I was very young, I knew US notes were not printed on paper.

Yet every day I hear people say this...
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#92 - fadetometallica (05/03/2016) [-]
Of course it isn't ACTUAL normal paper, but it's called that as opposed to metal currency and plastic currency. It isn't called cloth currency or something like that. It's a very common term.

And thumbing down the person you're arguing with when you're the only two in the conversation makes you petty as fuck. Especially when that person isn't thumbing you down in return.
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#91 - goodhomer (05/03/2016) [-]
It comes from way back in the day when money was all coins and you'd go to bank, the bank would give you a 'bank note' which was not really money, but rather a promise to send money, and you could use that to go to another bank and get money or trade it to a store.

THAT was paper.
#813 - **McDiddys used "*roll picture*"** **McDiddys rolled image **  [+] (1 reply) 03/08/2016 on *roll* for your new parents -1
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#814 - McDiddys (03/08/2016) [-]
fuck me.... kill my parents please.
#28 - Because you are supposed to let anyone see you.  [+] (2 replies) 02/25/2016 on "Honey? The straw is hungry... +1
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#97 - McDiddys (02/26/2016) [-]
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#52 - whycanticaps (02/25/2016) [-]
eeeeeeeey mystogen
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