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#94 - He's far too disconnected. Nothing he says is based on any obj…  [+] (3 replies) 08/21/2015 on Trump -2
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#101 - trolljunkusa (08/21/2015) [-]
Also, trumps immagration policy is actually good. Mexicans, as awesome as they are, are ruining immigration for every other country. Mexico isn't the only fucking country that people want to get out of, and hey, at least they have an at least somewhat stable government. Where as people from overseas places like wartorn Kiev, other eastern european wartorn countries, syria, iran, shitty places that people need to get out of, they can't get visas to America because all the selfish ass mexicans want to get their families in too America. Yeah, the cartel is pretty fucking bad, but guess what, we don't want the cartel either. So enforcing legal immigration, and forcing illegal immigrants out is a necessary step in keeping those fucking cartel faggots out of our fucking country. They are destroying places like El Paso, New mexico, and whatnot. America has always been a safe haven, and right now, other countries other than mexico need these safe havens. The EU is getting flooded with people from these wartorn countries and they can't help it. Just look at Germany for christ sake. At least the french are doing something about it with the FFL, but even then, you need to be in pretty fucking good condition for that.

/end rant

also if this doesn't make sense, I'll clear some shit up in the morning, I'm drunk as fuck right now.
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#100 - trolljunkusa (08/21/2015) [-]
you just contradicted your statement by supporting sanders

Sanders would:

-Drive up the minimum wage effectively destroying the job market
At least if we go into war, major jobs will open back up in the military and influence a huge job market

-"fix" the gender wage gap
We don't need to fix the gender wage gap because it doesn't exist. However what we do need to do is encourage women to take bread winning jobs. For instance, Doctors. Women tend to take pediatrician positions, where as men dominate things such as neuro surgeons and anesthesiologists. The last thing I want is a pediatrician getting paid as much as a neuro surgeon, or worse, a neuro surgeon getting paid a pediatricians wage.

-Bernie lies, a lot
He's trying to run a campaign ron paul style, but his ideas aren't even close to those of ron pauls.

Our savior right now is Joe Biden. Except the internet refuses to accept this because "HURR SANDERS GONN LEGALIZE WEED ERRYWHERE BREH HE DOESN'T BULLSHIT IN HIS CAMPAIGNS EITHER HURRR"
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#104 - Masterpoda (08/23/2015) [-]
"major jobs will open back up in the military and influence a huge job market "
Just like with bush in the iraq war right? Oh wait that put our economy in the fucking toilet.

"encourage women to take bread winning jobs"
that is literally what fixing the gender wage gap entails. No one, save for feminist extremists is suggesting we arbitrarily pay women more.

"Bernie lies, a lot"
Give me one example.

You need to work on your arguing skills kid.
#91 - I swear, do you guys JUST watch fox news? -Would send…  [+] (1 reply) 08/21/2015 on Trump -3
#99 - anon (08/21/2015) [-]
Dont you realize that every one of our leaders for decades have been working against the wishes of the American people? The system is corrupt. All these elite families are so far removed from everyday life that they have completely different sets of values and agendas than us common folk . These people have been putting policies in place with no regard for and no communication with the people of the US since long before we were all born. There are even a few proven criminals currently running.
Now Ill tell you a few reasons why I believe Trump is the best option. First of all the obvious concerted media effort to discredit him has proven to me that they really don't want him to win. And if you think you can trust the mainstream media you're a fool. He also broke the PC code and brought the issue of mass immigration into public discourse, if he didnt you wouldnt have heard anything about it other than how great it is. But the biggest reason Im voting for him is that because of his wealth, he is not beholden to lobbyists and donors. He can run his campaign without having to pay back political favors to big business, foreign govts, whoever.
Not one of the other candidates can say the same.

Yes ive heard about the evil Nazis in the pic, I don't care.
#266 - Long time DMT user here. I've experimented pretty heavily with…  [+] (1 reply) 07/09/2015 on Drug Fact Comp 4 - DMT /... +1
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#272 - alfjnn (07/09/2015) [-]
Yep. I've done DMT a few times.
This is about right.

For me it was very spiritual
#89 - Sinjid, Shadow of the warrior. This gam…  [+] (1 reply) 03/21/2015 on Old Web Games +1
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#126 - pickaxe (03/21/2015) [-]
oh,yeah,I remeber that game,it was the one wher you had a stat for how long your turn lasts.i loved that mechanic
#74 - Right, I remember that. I got so far on it but I think 8 year …  [+] (1 reply) 03/21/2015 on Old Web Games +2
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#76 - hourlyb (03/21/2015) [-]
Yeah, definitely the best part of the game.
#72 - I ******* LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW. Bionicles were my **** …  [+] (3 replies) 03/21/2015 on Old Web Games +4
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#73 - hourlyb (03/21/2015) [-]
That was the second Mata Nui Explorer.
And it was a Blue Girl.
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#74 - Masterpoda (03/21/2015) [-]
Right, I remember that. I got so far on it but I think 8 year old me just got lost way too much and quit. The atmosphere in these games were fucking great.
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#76 - hourlyb (03/21/2015) [-]
Yeah, definitely the best part of the game.