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#12 - Hello. 04/30/2015 on Hi 0
#30 - **** you too, you don't know **** about this sit…  [+] (1 new reply) 04/27/2015 on FJ comment section in a... +6
User avatar #32 - hetzerdk (04/27/2015) [-]
#106 - I'm getting there. I just don't need it yet. 04/27/2015 on IS IT REAL OR IS IT A GAME? 0
#27 - Sadly, PS4 exclusive. Still loving my 980 though.  [+] (7 new replies) 04/26/2015 on IS IT REAL OR IS IT A GAME? +3
User avatar #105 - Mortuus (04/27/2015) [-]
There's no fucking way that this was running on a PS4. It was as (if not more) detailed than Crysis. The PS4 would not run it near these settings without some magical fuckery.
User avatar #108 - rockamekishiko (04/27/2015) [-]
it's drive club. it says it at second 22. It's a ps4 first party game
#88 - Ken M (04/27/2015) [-]
What game is it?
#80 - sniffythebird (04/27/2015) [-]
>Only one and not running SLI
#106 - Lezander (04/27/2015) [-]
I'm getting there. I just don't need it yet.
#84 - Ken M (04/27/2015) [-]
Yeah it's like people need money or something to afford a gaming PC.
User avatar #61 - zenler (04/26/2015) [-]
at least we got project cars
cant wait to battle on the touge once again
#70 - The payment thing I have no quarrels with, if you choose to ho… 04/26/2015 on Gaben steps in 0
#63 - I'm gonna just put my opinion out here. Payed mods aren't…  [+] (3 new replies) 04/26/2015 on Gaben steps in 0
#68 - Ken M (04/26/2015) [-]
The mod community has fundamentally operated on the notion of it being free content. What is being produced here is third-party DLC. That's is a problem.

The "modders" are getting only a minor fraction of the total amount. Two companies, who do not have a direct hand in the development of said "mod" are earning far more than the developer is. That is a problem.

There is no quality control. The Steam community cannot be trusted to adequately filter good content from the bad. This being made self-evident by the Greenlight system. This is a problem.

There is still no quality control. There is very little stopping me from taking someone else's mod and putting it up there to make me money. I can also rip content from other games and sell them on the market. Much of the content being sold is being produced using illegal licenses. Consider for a moment the likelihood of the average user purchasing a license for Blender or Photoshop. There is a stipulation within those EULAs that say you cannot sell a product that at any point used their software without a license under risk of being sued. This is a problem.

Valve intentionally mislead their "modders" with blatantly incorrect legal advice. This is a problem.

Valve decides whether or not your content gets removed. As made evidence with many paid for "mods" have been "removed" already. And by removed, it means that your content goes when Valve says it does. You are not the de facto voice on the matter. This is a problem.

There is much more to say, but I'm frankly not interested in listing the 20 or so noteworthy issues that arise from this whole situation.
User avatar #77 - cuntism (04/26/2015) [-]
I'd say they have a pretty big fucking hand in the development of the mod by creating the game it's based on and hosting a system that distributes it you short-sighted git
#70 - Lezander (04/26/2015) [-]
The payment thing I have no quarrels with, if you choose to host your content on their servers using their services and management systems, you accept the fact that they are going to take 75%, Bethesda and Valve should get a cut, the size of which is purely subjective, as they have created and maintain the basis for the mods. If you want to go the whole nine yards and make your own game, that's great, now you can have more control over your content.

I do agree though, that valve could, and should be handling this situation better. Might just be the growing pains of the shift, time will tell if this particular system works. If it does, it'll stay, if it doesn't I hope gaben has the balls to pull the plug.
It's also worth noting that only one mod has been removed due to a dispute, and that was by the content creator.
Also, in regards to the 'legal advice', the valve rep that gave that advice said directly beforehand that it should not be interpreted as legal advice
Photoshops EULA Some Services may provide features that allow you to Share your content with other users or to make it public. “Share” means to email, post, transmit, upload, or otherwise make available (whether to us or other users) through your use of the Services. Other users may use, copy, modify, or re-share your content in many ways. Please consider carefully what you choose to Share or make public as you are entirely responsible for the content that you Share.
The Blender EULA covers this in Section 6 of its GLU, allowing you to distribute any content made on their software, for free or for a cost.
#61 - Allahu ackbar is the new WTF boom. 04/16/2015 on (untitled) +1
#17 - Yes, but in this case it's actually not offensive. Like objectively.  [+] (1 new reply) 04/16/2015 on Tumblr where shadows are... 0
#27 - Ken M (04/16/2015) [-]
I never said it was, what I meant was: Why does she have to say that she's black? The white girl didn't say that she's, maybe she isn't even white? Maybe she's black too?
The thing is: Skin colour doesn't equal to someone being able to decide if something is racist or not to other people.

It wouldn't have been racist no matter what since they only tried to portray a shadow and not a black dude from how they were portrayed back in the day in USA
#14 - Never gonna know what was going through his head, but two auth… 04/13/2015 on These Faggots Killed my Friend 0
#12 - Worth noting that there was and is no footage of him stealing …  [+] (2 new replies) 04/13/2015 on These Faggots Killed my Friend 0
User avatar #13 - sinery (04/13/2015) [-]
Exactly, guy knows he's innocent, so why worry?
Hell, he could probably gotten small fortune from suing the shit out of them.
#14 - Lezander (04/13/2015) [-]
Never gonna know what was going through his head, but two authority figures convinced him they were going to ruin his life.
Besides, people are convicted for crimes they didn't commit, based almost entirely on a confession received through interrogation tactics.
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