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#232 - Picture 01/29/2012 on At school +6
#168 - Oh, Dumbledore can cast spells and stuff... Did you seriously …  [+] (2 replies) 01/28/2012 on Gandalf. +3
#196 - sellious (01/28/2012) [-]
Sauron was, due to the One Ring, one of the most powerful beings in existence in Middle Earth, mainly in comparison to Morthog. Of course Gandalf wouldn't be able to beat him in a solo fight; that isn't what this debate is about; if anything, Gandalf was better than Sauron due to his intellect. He outsmarted him countless times and was able to realize a trap that would be Saurons undoing. On a more level playing field, Gandalf was able to kill the Balrog of Moria (another Maiar) with evident skill, and when his wounds overcame him, he returned to life.

Sure, Dumbledore is good. He's great. But Voldemort could easily be considered equal, or better. Neither comes out ahead when they duel in the ministry, and if anything Voldemort forces Dumbledore's death, even though it was part of a greater plan. The main constraint within the Harry Potter universe is that there were almost certainly more powerful wizards before Dumbledore's time, such as Grindelwald, the Peverell brothers, and the founders of Hogwarts, whereas Gandalf was one of a set group of unimaginably powerful beings. He was able to live through the war against Morthog, and surpassed great evil since the beginning of time, gaining intuition and intellect all along the way.

In regards to the two actually fighting: Gandalf obviously did not use nearly as many quick, flashy and vibrant spells as Dumbledore did, but that was solely due to his material existence in Middle Earth. The entire point of it was for the races of Middle Earth to learn to stand on their own. If the books were about Valinor's Battle, he surely would have used many, many more. The Harry Potter books, however, could almost be considered a struggle of existence; the coming together of friends is an evident part, but not one that Dumbledore played a role in. Dumbledore simply tried to secure the existence of others in order for his plan to work; it was a struggle for him to do so, as evidenced by the amount of effort he put in.
#261 - ledzepp (01/28/2012) [-]
You, my friend, are extremely smart. So it comes to my question, That the fight would be a very grand scene, with Gandalf coming out on top. (barely). Thanks, Sellious, Now im going to go watch the series again.
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