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#313 - Picture  [+] (2 replies) 04/08/2014 on 9/11 0
#498 - puzzlr (04/09/2014) [-]
u got rticked AHASHHA
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#501 - Kingsteveooo (04/09/2014) [-]
I think you've confused a joke, with just nonsensical talking.
#310 - Doesn't take an engineer to see a perfect demolition when I se…  [+] (10 replies) 04/08/2014 on 9/11 +1
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#416 - kanadetenshi (04/08/2014) [-]
This is pretty much completely impossible. Planned implosions require months of preparation, including tearing apart walls to place charges, removing extraneous material from the building, laying miles of carefully measured detonation cord, and the intentional damaging of support columns. Even night work would attract attention from the cleaning crew, as well as the workers who came in the next morning to find walls covered with fresh plaster.

On top of this, the WTC was bombed in 1993, meaning that there were routine checks from bomb squads, including sniffer dogs (though, to be fair, Iron (III) Oxide, and other forms of thermite are likely not regularly checked for by dogs due to the fact that these materials are plentiful in nature and construction). Not only would these explosives have to be laid at night in secret, they would also somehow be able to beat animals specially trained to detect them.
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#327 - anonymoose (04/08/2014) [-]
If the government wanted to make it seem fake, why would they make it "look controlled"?
#342 - anon (04/08/2014) [-]
Because it actually does

forget about building 7?
You know that other building besides the twin towers that mysteriously collapsed after having one fire.

WTC Building 7 Collapse - 23 angles

But you dont want to listen
Because its too hard to believe and its easier to say everyone is a fucking idiot instead of thinking for .
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#351 - anonymoose (04/08/2014) [-]
I'm an ex-911 truther. It's not because "I don't want to listen". I've listened to all of these nutjobs with literally no qualifications and I've listened to the people with qualifications.

Building 7 had debris from North Tower falling on it and was burning for a long time. The building was on fire for a while weakening the steel, the top roof piece fell through the roof which caused the already weakened structures to buckle. If the main structures in the middle of the building buckles, then it will fall inwards.
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#321 - defender (04/08/2014) [-]
Actual it does because they base their observations and conclusions off of first hand knowledge you base your conclusions of of what other people say
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#322 - Kingsteveooo (04/08/2014) [-]
You just based your knowledge off of an assumption.
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#330 - defender (04/08/2014) [-]
we are you a structural engineer
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#354 - Kingsteveooo (04/08/2014) [-]
Do you grammar?
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#357 - defender (04/08/2014) [-]
So I was right that you aren't a structural engineer
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#377 - Kingsteveooo (04/08/2014) [-]
No,but I play one on tv.
#60 - that's because you're not 6 with super cool spongebob pajamas …  [+] (5 replies) 04/05/2014 on mmmmhm does it look like I... +1
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#62 - kyoutu (04/05/2014) [-]
I think even as a 6 year old I wouldn't have done it... Like non uniform day, I never did that when I was younger, I'd just save the money I was given and go the day in my uniform as I knew I could change out after a mere 6 hours and I'd be £1 richer.

Maybe kids are just getting more stupid...

"don't be trying to rally a cause together"
Lmao, yes, a war on pajama's. That is my real goal here.
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#65 - kcits (04/05/2014) [-]
My first year after graduation, my office had a spirit work and pajama day. Walked across the parking lot in my pink fuzzy slippers, comfy pants, robe. Why? Who the hell cares, it's pajama day (and more comfortable than business clothes.) Geez, dude, not everyone you have a disagreement with has a "fucking retarded" viewpoint, not even you.

Never heard of red nose day, is that like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer or a celebration of Falstaff or something?
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#75 - kyoutu (04/05/2014) [-]
Red nose day is basically like a comedy day to save up for children in need.
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#86 - jibmunlol (04/05/2014) [-]
Did you give him thumb down
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#106 - kyoutu (04/05/2014) [-]
I did not, why?