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Had a small DDOS. We're back now after I nulled some IPs.

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User avatar #227 - TreHol (03/06/2011) [-]
Why am I not your friend?
User avatar #229 to #231 - TreHol (03/06/2011) [-]
Well now, do you remember me?
#230 to #232 - KingNintendo (03/06/2011) [-]
Yes, you are the fine chap who requested that I finish the Christmas Carol series.
User avatar #231 to #233 - TreHol (03/06/2011) [-]
Yep, and was upset when it wasn't finished. -.-
#232 to #234 - KingNintendo (03/06/2011) [-]
I'm sorry TreHol, but the winds of inspiration never quite came around for Part IV. Do you atleast like my latest OC?
User avatar #233 to #235 - TreHol (03/06/2011) [-]
Yes, I like all of your OC.
User avatar #234 to #236 - KingNintendo (03/06/2011) [-]
Thanks! I try to pump out a good comic as soon as I get an idea. Still waitin' for that next one to come around....
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