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#114 - When they first revealed the Worgen(-s? English hard), people …  [+] (1 reply) 03/29/2016 on Wouldn't want to offend +3
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#167 - masdercheef (03/30/2016) [-]
Ah, thanks.

In my opinion the males kind of turned out better, but you're right about the females; they have got this sort of half-assed "mean-looking" snarl on their face like they're supposed to look angry but they just aren't feeling it.

I mean, the males looked good before the change but the Worgen are supposed to be about controlling this horrific inner beast, and the old Worgen looked too...... noble for that, I guess. The old female model was also had a less bestial look, but it at least looked okay. I'd rather that than the new face, really, even if it didn't quite feel right for what they're supposed to be.
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