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#8 - Meanwhile, in Room G 2.243 . . . 04/30/2014 on How could you possibly be... +51
#11 - Let's take them . . . BY STORM!  [+] (1 new reply) 04/27/2014 on A Painful Pot +1
User avatar #21 - tormain (04/27/2014) [-]
Yes! I love you man No homo

You'll never break... my wind.
#20 - Interesting. For some reason stories of incest, especially mom… 04/25/2014 on Aaron Aardvark +1
#49 - for some reason the last two made me lose it. 04/25/2014 on Fansubs -1
#16 - bomb-it boston?  [+] (2 new replies) 04/21/2014 on I'm gonna wreck it! +55
#39 - toguro (04/21/2014) [-]
Fuckin hell that's good
#21 - sexyhimself (04/21/2014) [-]
#84 - aaand Shaq gets a video in the mail of me doing his mom. Do n… 04/18/2014 on Title +1
#50 - Das ist mein Flammenwurfer. It wurfs flammen. 04/16/2014 on Well this is slightly... 0
#60 - Let's say you'd want to waste some time and get the law involv… 03/20/2014 on double skate 0
#19 - Yes. Also, to get an idea: There are so many dormant necrons, … 03/18/2014 on The Necrons 0
#18 - well they sort of do both. They repair their own. All necron u…  [+] (1 new reply) 03/18/2014 on The Necrons 0
#56 - Absolute Madman (03/18/2014) [-]
Pariah were retconned out no?
#12 - saus 03/18/2014 on Context? +1
#15 - They don't. However there's a ******* of em. What the p…  [+] (12 new replies) 03/18/2014 on The Necrons 0
#16 - Absolute Madman (03/18/2014) [-]
When you say recuperate damaged units, do you mean they repair other Necrons or do they take fallen enemies into the fold? Otherwise it sounds like an inevitability that the Necrons will fail in their mission if they can permanently lose forces without a solid way to replenish their armies.
#18 - Karraidin (03/18/2014) [-]
well they sort of do both. They repair their own. All necron units also have a sort of ressurection protocol, so they will start auto repairs if not damaged too badly and start fighting again. If badly damaged, they will be repaired after getting picked up by tomb spider and or scarab units. Necron lords can also rez em in combat. Also, in the Imperium, there are humans called blanks - they have no presence in the warp, no souls and they cancel warp/psyker powers around them. i.e. if a psyker is unleashing death and a blank gives it a hug, his powers go away and it feels like shit. These guys sometimes get taken by Necrons and cybernetically altered into Pariahs. They are very strong and mainly used when necrons fight psykers (be it human or xeno).
#56 - Absolute Madman (03/18/2014) [-]
Pariah were retconned out no?
#17 - warlordtitan (03/18/2014) [-]
they cannot permanently lose forces as the living metal they are made of will never fully get destroyed and can always reassemble
#21 - Absolute Madman (03/18/2014) [-]
Does the living metal reconstitute itself out of the atoms in the air or something? It seems rather easy to be able to smash something into enough pieces that it won't work anymore. Unless the metal their made of is magnetic to itself or something weird. I think I just don't know enough about this universe.
User avatar #25 - crackercrazy (03/18/2014) [-]
The necrons can reconstruct themselves even if they are reduced the a pile of molten metal.
User avatar #33 - sephirothpwnz (03/18/2014) [-]
Actually you are able to destroy necrons, it mostly depends on the speed in which you destroy the necron unit. I.E if you took apart warriors with a couple hundred lasguns all focused on one unit. it would probably permanently destroyed. however if it took some time from just a few then the body would be teleported out from the monolith. to be repaired.
User avatar #41 - crackercrazy (03/18/2014) [-]
I understand they can be destroyed. I was simply pointing out how advanced the necrons reanimation protocols are
User avatar #43 - sephirothpwnz (03/18/2014) [-]
ah, okay my apologies
#53 - crackercrazy (03/18/2014) [-]
#22 - Absolute Madman (03/18/2014) [-]
User avatar #19 - Karraidin (03/18/2014) [-]
Yes. Also, to get an idea: There are so many dormant necrons, with so many ships and troops that is they were all to become active at once, they would pretty much rape everything. Eldar obelisks keep them dormant. If somehow all races would ally against them they might stand a chance, but how often do you see Orks, Tyranids, Chaos, Eldar, Tau and Imperial forces work together?
#124 - C. then I'd have rich people's credit card info and order 1000… 03/10/2014 on Choose One 0
#34 - I don't get it. Is it a boy dumping a girl or a girl dumping a boy?  [+] (17 new replies) 03/04/2014 on How the hell ... +100
User avatar #255 - wontforget (03/05/2014) [-]
I don't know too many guys with that good of handwriting
#219 - seizure (03/05/2014) [-]
User avatar #215 - folkflunky (03/05/2014) [-]
A girl dumping a boy, I'm pretty sure because of the sweatpants thing.
User avatar #157 - nthmetal (03/04/2014) [-]
Doesn't matter, they eat cereal with water. They should be alone forever.
#76 - Absolute Madman (03/04/2014) [-]
It would not be weird for a girl to know one direction members, at least as weird as it would be for a dude Also women don't usually tell men to dress sexy for red lobster.
I'm going with girl breaking up with guy.
#276 - xxhadesflamesxx (03/05/2014) [-]
probably not because one of the reasons was that there were to many posters of michael phelps in a speedo and if a guy had those then
#261 - innocentbabies (03/05/2014) [-]
Handwriting is easily legible. Definitely a woman.
User avatar #111 - brettyoke (03/04/2014) [-]
"It's abnormal for women to say this"

"I think it's a woman"

#186 - funkyrednipples (03/04/2014) [-]
No one said anything you quoted, Jimmy what the fuck are you doing?
User avatar #202 - brettyoke (03/05/2014) [-]
"Also women don't usually tell men" - quote from him
"It's abnormal for women to say this" - My quote

"I'm going with girl breaking up with guy." - quote from him
"I think it's a woman" - My quote

Sorry my paraphrasing was so confusing
#209 - funkyrednipples (03/05/2014) [-]
He said that women don't usually tell men to dress sexy for red lobster, that's why he thinks it's a girl dumping a guy.

From the post it shows that the writer is breaking up with their partner because they told them to dress up sexy for red lobster. Implying that it was a guy asking a girl to dress sexy for red lobster.

Even thought I think a girl can ask the same thing, others would disagree. Unfortunately you're still wrong, You believe that anon said he doesn't think the girl is saying this, but then says he believes it's the girl. Anon meant the girl wouldn't say what was said in the post, so the the only one left to be the writer would be the girl.

Sorry that was so confusing
User avatar #262 - animationhac (03/05/2014) [-]
Plus the hand writing is girly and more then that red lobster one leads me to believe it might be a girl writing to a girl.
#136 - Absolute Madman (03/04/2014) [-]
It would not be weird. As in it wouldn't have ended up on the list. As in I'm a girl who knows all of their names, despite the fact that I am not fan, and no one would find that too odd because I am a girl. God dammit. ( I'm not the OC I'm just annoyed. )
User avatar #67 - mynameisgeorge (03/04/2014) [-]
Does it matter?
#140 - endospore (03/04/2014) [-]
User avatar #57 - Proximity (03/04/2014) [-]
Maybe it's a boy dumping a boy
#71 - theluppijackal (03/04/2014) [-]
this man thinks outside the box
#5 - Comment deleted 02/25/2014 on Lucid Dreams 0
#2 - You do realize that for people that don't see the cat, it's ba… 02/16/2014 on Nyan Cat watch! +1
#33 - Sctrictly for research purposes  [+] (1 new reply) 02/06/2014 on why i liked cavegirl +1
User avatar #35 - thesadassasin (02/06/2014) [-]
That scene was super depressing though
#20 - This guy gets it! 02/05/2014 on Breathing +1
#31 - It made think of this. 01/28/2014 on We meet again +1
#178 - Means Johnston, Jr. (December 5, 1916 – July 14, 1989)… 01/27/2014 on I was Bill Clinton's mother 0
#837 - 24 Male Romania Caucasian Straight Orthodo… 01/10/2014 on FJ poll 0
#95 - Chocolate Liqueur Bottles 15 pc Gift Box Anthon Berg… 01/07/2014 on Drunk puppy 0
#18 - almost dropped my fedora when I read this .. 01/04/2014 on Pokemon by description- Part 4 -9
#12 - someonehadtodoit.jpg 01/04/2014 on Honeydude +3
#53 - Chocolate is toxic to dogs. Alcohol also is. The dog could hav…  [+] (2 new replies) 01/04/2014 on Drunk puppy 0
#94 - Absolute Madman (01/07/2014) [-]
they didn't feed the dog chocolate... can you read?
#95 - Karraidin (01/07/2014) [-]
Chocolate Liqueur Bottles 15 pc Gift Box

Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs are made from premium dark chocolate (min. 55% cocoa) filled with exceptional syrups containing branded spirits. Alcohol content min. 2.5% max. 5% w/w).

Each box is approximately 8.3oz.
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