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O.O um.....I love Kingdom hearts.....what more do you want T_T

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#30 - I'm gonna need a source for strange purposes  [+] (4 replies) 11/03/2016 on Eroge EP 5 +3
#91 - karenoniks (11/03/2016) [-]
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#101 - voidgangsta (11/03/2016) [-]
I literally gagged more on the smegma part than the poop part.
#189 - thetiagofire (11/04/2016) [-]
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#76 - voidgangsta (11/03/2016) [-]
#60 - **KHNobody used "*roll picture*"** **KHNobody rolled image…  [+] (1 reply) 08/02/2016 on Roll for a slave +4
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#66 - KHNobody (08/02/2016) [-]
#51 - Wha.....What? Are your idea's really running so low this is wh…  [+] (1 reply) 05/13/2016 on RIP Andrew +8
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#53 - thrifty (05/13/2016) [-]
He could have posted the sentence nine times or something, I dunno, seems slack.
#11 - Yes, 90% of people call Bastion ******** because he can melt p…  [+] (2 replies) 05/09/2016 on MFW People dont defend... +28
#13 - anon (05/09/2016) [-]
if you run in front of a turret youre going to get destroyed, it would be retarded to keep running out there hoping for the best. the easy thing to do is whine and cry and get him nerfed, but the smart thing to do is plan around it.

youre able to swap character mid game for a reason, use that feature to your advantage. if they have Symmetra and her portal is up, switch to tracer and sneak past them to take it out. if theres a Reinhardt dominating the payload, switch to reaper and two shot him up close. every character is made to be played to their strengths, make the most out of them.
#14 - anon (05/09/2016) [-]
if they had to balance bastion i would nerf his movement speed. hes already slow as hell but what makes him deadly for the most part is the ability to reposition and get the drop on people.

thats how you play bastion right, if you sit there in one spot with a great open area youre going to get sniped. and if you die to that in the open area then sorry, thats your own damn fault, not bastions.
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