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#26 - The only physical description of Hermione in the book is havin…  [+] (1 new reply) 06/08/2016 on HP -1
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#27 - obviousxplains (06/11/2016) [-]
Except when it says she has a pale face
#23 - In the stage version Hermione was played by a black woman. …  [+] (3 new replies) 06/07/2016 on HP +2
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#24 - obviousxplains (06/07/2016) [-]
hermione is actually stated as white in the books. however, had this black casting been done 10 years ago no one would be cry "PC" over it. If the play ever goes on tour or gets a Broadway version it'll be played by different actors, possibly.

tl;dr, getting upset over the race of a character in a play is stupid
#26 - Jowi (06/08/2016) [-]
The only physical description of Hermione in the book is having curly hair and "dark skin".
Rowling claims she purposefully wrote Hermione so she could be black or white but Emma Watson was the perfect casting choice at the time
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#27 - obviousxplains (06/11/2016) [-]
Except when it says she has a pale face
#172 - That doesn't really add anything to what's being said  [+] (1 new reply) 06/06/2016 on 10 anime shower thoughts 0
#256 - keltainenlumi (06/06/2016) [-]
#142 - What if he was 13 cents short of a million dollars? 05/29/2016 on List of some interesting facts 0
#53 - If you're in any kind of business in a certain area you're a m… 05/26/2016 on Job interview +5
#28 - I just got bored. 05/25/2016 on Best episode 0
#303 - I think because Fran was warging Hodor but at the same time in… 05/25/2016 on Hodor, hodor Hodor! 0
#92 - As someone who never grew up with a dad and had an unapproacha… 05/23/2016 on Gentleman's Club +2
#135 - Ah funnyjunk... The place that decided that the word …  [+] (4 new replies) 05/23/2016 on Fight fire with fire +1
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#164 - vonspyder (05/24/2016) [-]
shut up nigger.
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#150 - BraindeadBuddha (05/23/2016) [-]
No one thinks that "nigger" isn't offensive, we still have some basic empathy and understand why a word like that, or kike, redskin etc. might be hurtful to people.
Doesn't mean it can't be funny though, and it's certainly junk so there's that.

#175 - kaseru (06/06/2016) [-]
Well, nigger could be considered offensive. But nigga I hear 40 times a day here in Memphis and it's no big deal.
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#146 - freelax (05/23/2016) [-]
Nah, we're just assholes that like to laugh at random shit.
#10 - Are you sure?  [+] (1 new reply) 05/22/2016 on Being obsessed with someone 0
#11 - mrexxon (05/24/2016) [-]
Yeah I'm sure. I watch these pictures every day. It might be that in some countries they don't flip them but I've never seen it.

In this picture the heart is on the left side of the image and so is the gastric bubble, but it should be on the right. Because in the human body they are on the left side and the image is usually reversed, means they would have to be on the right side of the picture.