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#35 - That's your way of looking at it....  [+] (1 reply) 05/12/2016 on nice +3
#39 - romuarska (05/12/2016) [-]
#44 - But Mario was cheating though  [+] (4 replies) 05/12/2016 on boss -42
#73 - Jowi (05/12/2016) [-]
Why am I getting red thumbed for this? Mario was cheating
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#75 - novus (05/12/2016) [-]
Uh, did you read the comic? They agreed to date other people
#77 - Jowi (05/12/2016) [-]
Apparently I did not
#51 - anon (05/12/2016) [-]
#131 - No it does not fit in a vacuum, it adheres to very specific ru…  [+] (1 reply) 05/12/2016 on and I think that's beautiful 0
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#132 - languagexplain (05/12/2016) [-]
Your view of language, like basically everyone else on this site, is a couple decades behind.
To be fair, the point I'm arguing has no practical value and is true pretty much only in the context of academic debate and language and communications theory.
Your point is largely valid. It's just not true.
#51 - For a start, I said Orc army. Secondly there are only 9 Nazghu…  [+] (5 replies) 05/12/2016 on A tale of epic battles 0
#56 - khepri (05/12/2016) [-]
The RIDERS are the nazgul. The creatures are called fellbeasts. They're also irrelevant. A nazgul can kill by breathing on you.
#57 - Jowi (05/12/2016) [-]
I know. Hence why I said there are 9 Nazghul and without a rider the beasts would just rampage making them more of a chaotic factor to any battle rather than working for anyone side
#59 - khepri (05/12/2016) [-]
They obey the nazgul, and Sauron. And, if neither were around, orc flesh is abhorrent, even to things like Shelob. They'd go after the tasty wizardlings long before they'd go after an orc.
#60 - Jowi (05/12/2016) [-]
yeah but an unskilled HP managed to out-manoeuvre a dragon. I'm pretty sure a wizard army would be able to do some damage against unintelligent animals being controlled remotely.
And Orcs are big cowards, all you'd have to do is kill their leaders and they'd run like bitches
#61 - khepri (05/12/2016) [-]
He avoided the dragon because he had a tight environment he could maneuver through.
As for routing the orcs? Good luck killing Sauron. He's more powerful then Gandalf, by far. On the cosmological power divine scale thing, it goes Eru Iluvatar > Morgoth/Melkor > rest of the Valar > the Maiar (of whom Sauron is a member of) > the wizards.
#15 - So what? That has nothing to do with this thread  [+] (2 replies) 05/12/2016 on Breast Cancer Awareness +2
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#16 - leonhardt (05/12/2016) [-]
"We shouldn't care about a group of people because they're a small percentage of a population"

So we shouldn't give a shit about trans people.
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#37 - therealfell (05/12/2016) [-]
I never said we shouldn't care about it
but beast cancer in women is very common
we don't talk about ear cancer, vaginal cancer, ovarian cancer
those are fairly rare cancers, and there's no run for vagina cancer is there? no teddy bears in your local gas station with a little bow with a designated color to represent vaginal cancer. no "save the vaginas!" rubber bracelets at spencers and any shoe store in the mall

it's because there's no profiting from it.
you should be happier that your gender isn't being taken for by a greedy bitch who makes sure donations and proceeds from sales line her pockets before they go to actually benefiting cancer patients.