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#45 - its seems the artwork went down in quality in 2007. any reason…  [+] (4 replies) 11/04/2016 on Guts Over the Years 0
#50 - anon (11/04/2016) [-]
I remember someone saying he switched to digital art and was still getting used to it, I'm probably wrong but I guess it makes sense
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#51 - swirlytwirl (11/04/2016) [-]
I heard that too but he only started using digital in the last chapter.
#46 - anon (11/04/2016) [-]
Miura died and they've been training an intern to draw exactly like him.
#47 - JohnHoogliefooglie (11/04/2016) [-]
miura is alive and well so dont feed me that bullshit
#15 - no you **** off! please?  [+] (4 replies) 11/03/2016 on Brexit in danger?! +3
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#22 - kerryman (11/03/2016) [-]
Your the ones who decided to leave(well england and wales did anyway Scotland and northern Ireland voted to remain but you told them to shut up and eat your shit sandwich) . The EU said ok when are you gonna leave so?the sooner the better. Then you say "hold on don't rush us first tell us we can have all the benefits with paying any money into the pot" The EU said "no first you leave then we'll make a new deal" Now your own high court is refusing to allow you prime minster to start the exit.

Get your shit together England. Who is stopping you from leaving?only your own MPs. Hurry up you won't be missed and the sooner you leave the sooner we can start pulling out companies to set up in the rest of the EU.

Marmite taste like shit too.
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#23 - fresighto (11/03/2016) [-]
I am ashamed that Ireland (Free state) hasn't left. I understan why, but still.
Fuck N ire
It's like they don't even want to be a country anymore. At least sinn fien is still abstaining tho
#46 - saintlich (11/04/2016) [-]
Northairn Ireland man here, Prior to Brexit leaving the Uk would be stupid, we where receiving benefit's from both the EU and the UK and held a strong currency with constant exchange with another. After Brexit I hope Northern Ireland rejoins and starts leeching off of Ireland, especially since Ireland is in a great position because of Brexit. Also screw Sinn Féin, they are a useless group that doesn't understand economic's, can't do anything with out taking 10 years and help strengthen the DUP since it stabilizes an us vs them mentality.
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#52 - fresighto (11/04/2016) [-]
I'd agree with prior. ye while I don't agree with everything you said, I feel like you make a good point.
#37 - jesus christ she almost deepthroats that straw...........giggity  [+] (1 reply) 10/16/2016 on Amazing Widowmaker Cosplay 0
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#39 - iqequalzero (10/16/2016) [-]
Wat? That looks like a perfectly normal way to sip from a straw, wtf?