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latest user's comments

#41 - The culture is an extension of the tradition ********. You do…  [+] (3 new replies) 01/04/2016 on Discuss -7
User avatar
#43 - lotengo (01/04/2016) [-]
Culture is everything what a society has build and believes in.
Being proud in your culture and traditions is not worshipping the ashes, its preserving the fire.
User avatar
#239 - Pompano (01/07/2016) [-]
>Pride in your heritage
I suppose you want to keep flying that confederate flag.
User avatar
#241 - lotengo (01/07/2016) [-]
Maybe i would if i was American
#13 - Nooooo.... The state mass murdering and enslaving people also… 01/04/2016 on Heartwarming 0
#31 - God's fake, family doesn't mean ****, chivalry is stupid as **…  [+] (6 new replies) 01/04/2016 on Discuss -11
#100 - anon (01/04/2016) [-]
Jesus Christ, you're edgier than /pol/. I didn't think it was possible.
User avatar
#34 - lotengo (01/04/2016) [-]
I come from some african shitlhole and got nothing to be proud of, or i'm an edgy 12 year old that has yet to learn the value of culture - the comment.

Also, god fake hurr durr, i'm so smart because im atheist. Dont tip your fedora to hard or it ends up in the mesosphere
User avatar
#41 - JHoYouKnow (01/04/2016) [-]
The culture is an extension of the tradition bullshit. You don't do things because that's how they're done, and culture is literally a set of traditions. Instead of being a single cultured person, one should be a cosmopolitan individual, experiencing all things without adherence to one or purposeful defense to prevent any change to any. Also, ad hominem attacks show you're failing... You didn't actually make any argument in favor of culture...

And God is one of those things where if you actually read the theodicy, none of it is satisfying. Look to Epicurus' line for an explanation.

Don't assume everyone on the internet is a stupid child... It really just shows how little info or evidence you have to back up any of the crazy claims you're making. As seen by a complete lack of argument in your comment. But hey, your entitled to your opinions, no matter how little they make sense or are supported by fact and reason. Should be a fun life for you
User avatar
#43 - lotengo (01/04/2016) [-]
Culture is everything what a society has build and believes in.
Being proud in your culture and traditions is not worshipping the ashes, its preserving the fire.
User avatar
#239 - Pompano (01/07/2016) [-]
>Pride in your heritage
I suppose you want to keep flying that confederate flag.
User avatar
#241 - lotengo (01/07/2016) [-]
Maybe i would if i was American
#21 - It's not the president's fault that the media and the populati…  [+] (2 new replies) 01/04/2016 on #OregonUnderAttack +12
#26 - anon (01/04/2016) [-]
You realize that the first picture is showing Chicago murder's because they already have some of the strictest gun control in America, and because Obama was a senator for Illinois right?
Obama is now circumventing congress to pass gun control starting with little things like regulating private sales and very soon ramping up to banning and eventually confiscation.
It's already been proven that gun control leads to more violent crimes.
Just look at what happened to Australia's crime rate after they did the buy back bullshit.
Gun Control is simply a way to keep the people from being able to oppose the government.
You think the motherfuckers who help support terror groups and give them weapons gives a shit about saving lives?
Quit being so fucking naive, the world is still the same dark grimy cesspit it always has been.
User avatar
#83 - artyomthebadass (01/04/2016) [-]
Look at Australia? Motherfucker please. We have had no fucking major problems since Port Arthur in 1996. Our gun related incidences are fucking minuscule. The odd shooting here and there (like maybe a handful a year where mostly only one person is shot) is fucking biker gangs or muzzies/lebs. On the whole our system is working just fine because we haven't had a massacre since 1996 instead of being able to tell what month it is by remembering if we have had our next one yet...
#17 - This is ******* amazing. This could be the thing that kills m… 01/04/2016 on The First Meme-Theft of 2016 0
#20 - I don't know if you're one of the people always posting these,… 12/31/2015 on Yet another wallpaper comp. 0
#15 - Everything was smart but the last comment. A lot of sports ar… 12/31/2015 on Ronda Rousey gets it 0
#51 - Wow, talk about a useless graphic. At least other ones try to… 12/31/2015 on Pretty Accurate 0
#35 - Seriously. This place turned into pol's cockwhore. FJ is st… 12/30/2015 on How it feels on FJ right now +2
#7 - What the **** is a neocon? Did conservative ideals change ever?  [+] (4 new replies) 12/30/2015 on The Hero We Need +1
#40 - anon (12/30/2015) [-]
They're the kinds of Conservatives that constantly circlejerk over Ronald Reagan having been the greatest thing since sliced bread and shit. Basically, they're one of two negative stereotypes of Conservatives, the other being bible-thumping fundamentalists.
#28 - anon (12/30/2015) [-]
The neoconservatives of today are right-wingers focused on military adventurism.

Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bremer, Perle, etc. Some of them were democrats who disagreed with the '60s era liberal opposition to nation-building and aggressive wars, some are classic right-wing hawks, some are just defense industry insider types. All of them consistently advocate for war, basically regardless of the situation or the utility of the conflict.

In recent years some people on the right have taken to calling any republican candidate who they view as insufficiently conservative as a Neocon, but that's essentially just an attempt to distance republicanism from the failures of the Bush administration and doesn't reflect what the term actually means.

#19 - anon (12/30/2015) [-]
It's a conservative sect that took up Reagan and Cheney tactics like Biblical law.

"Tax cuts are good no matter what"
"Flex military muscles everywhere all the time"
"God is above/equal to the law"
"I like small government except when I don't"
#12 - anon (12/30/2015) [-]
its new and doesn't really have much of a meaning, basically its a way for tea party type conservatives to say you arn't a real conservative so your a neo con

Basically more middle grounded conservative.