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    Porn? Porn?

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#92 - Well that's just not true. You calculate speed by defining the…  [+] (18 replies) 15 hours ago on /v/ discusses portals +1
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#97 - silversea (15 hours ago) [-]
its not entering or leaving, what he have is a wormhole that links two points in space. the portal isnt an object in this scenario; its a door through a wall. if you throw a doorway at someone, the object doesnt shoot out, the doorway is moving. the blue portal is still but it effectively has the inertia of the orange portal, they're the same door. so when the orange portal moves, the blue portal is technically moving around the cube. in this case, the relative speed of the cube of the portal is high, but the speed of the cube relative to the observer is naught but gravity.
User avatar
#303 - HenrikVIII (3 hours ago) [-]
Dude, your own analogy proves you wrong.
If you throw a doorway at a cube their relative speed will stay the same before and after the cube, right?
So, does the cube move relative to the doorway?
It does.
So you can say that the cube doesn't move, but the whole space is, since the doorway is attached to a "fixed" point.
You are looking from the point of the cube, instead of the doorway which is our referential plane. When you look from the portal, you will see a rapidly approaching cube, although the cube is standing. The same speed you see is the exit speed of the cube. You can say that the space moved and the cube stood still, but the result is the same.
User avatar
#146 - thenez (12 hours ago) [-]
You could think of the doorway, sure. but when your looking at that open door, the whole world on the other side of that door is hurtling towards you, is that world going to stop suddenly when you go all the way through the portal?
User avatar
#147 - silversea (12 hours ago) [-]
except we're not looking at this from the perspective of the door or the cube, but from the perspective of an observer. the whole world may be accelerating relative to the cube, and the cube to the door, but to the observer, the cube is still, and the door is moving.
similarly, to the observer, the cube is still, and the door (portal) is moving around it. then another force finally acts on it (gravity) and it accelerates downwards. at no point, however, does the cube gain velocity.
User avatar
#148 - thenez (12 hours ago) [-]
And what an observer would see when on the other side of the portal is a world hurtling towards the portal. thus the observer sees whatever is in the world that makes it through the portal going at that speed.
User avatar
#150 - silversea (12 hours ago) [-]
whether or not the observer sees it move doesnt actually matter. remember the perspective is a side view, like in the content. the cube is still as the portal approaches it, and it is still as the portal moves around it, and only moves when gravity acts on it. no forces are acting on it, and it has no velocity; it travels no disance that is not traveled by the portal, and since we can see from this side view the portal moving and not the cube, the common conception is that the cube is still and the hole is moving, not the hole is still and the world is moving around it.
User avatar
#151 - thenez (12 hours ago) [-]
Yes the cube is still in the origin world as the portal moves, but because the second portal is stationary, the cube is moving at the exit point.
User avatar
#153 - silversea (12 hours ago) [-]
alright, this is where its easy to diverge. Yes, the cube is moving, but no, it does not have a trajectory like suggestion B.
User avatar
#154 - thenez (12 hours ago) [-]
Why wouldnt it have a trajectory? the two portals are each in there own plane in space, and the trajectory would be determined by that.
User avatar
#155 - silversea (12 hours ago) [-]
elaborate. im kind of understanding the plane thing, but not how you'd get a trajectory off of that.
User avatar
#164 - thenez (11 hours ago) [-]
simply because the cube is moving in the second plane of reference it doesn't suddenly stop in that plane of reference because the first plane of reference stopped. the trajectory is determined by whatever direction the second plane of reference is pointing. when the first plane of reference is moving, in that plane of reference it has 0 velocity. but simultaneously in the second plane of reference, the object has velocity, therefore it has velocity when the object is fully in the second plane of reference.
User avatar
#169 - silversea (11 hours ago) [-]
okay, we need to back out and look at the cause and effect
the reason you think the cube is moving is because of an optical illusion you see through the portal, making you think the room is moving. The only force acting in this scenario is the piston pushing the platform with the portal. because of this, the only thing moving is the portal, and thus the cube does not, in any dimension or plane, have velocity. through the portal, it looks like its moving, but its not. now, same as a door frame being pushed around someone, the cube has a speed relative to the door (portal). However, the cube is remaining still and the door is moving around it; the portal is a door where spacetime is folded so that orange meets blue. so as orange and blue move together, anything they pass over remains still, but has a changed position.
User avatar
#171 - thenez (11 hours ago) [-]
If the cube does not have any velocity, how then is it that it shows up in the second plane of reference at all? That's obviously not what is happening, so the piston pushing the first plane would feel an opposite reaction based on the momentum added because the second plane of reference sees it that way.
User avatar
#179 - silversea (11 hours ago) [-]
it appears because one end of the door is moving around it, causing it to "appear" on the other side. however, since this is a particular scenario not only involving wormholes but half-moving wormholes, we dont automatically understand.
Think of our standard view of wormholes; take a string, take two points on the string, and fold the string so they meet. Now, as long as the string is touching itself that way, the two points can be anything; they can even move. now, if an ant were to crawl across that string, it could go the long way, or "jump" between the two points. but if the ant were still and you were moving the touching portion so that the second point stayed still but the first point moved backwards (with the length of string hanging between the two increasing), the and could remain still and yet pass through the gate, appearing on the other side, because point A was the only thing with velocity.
User avatar
#182 - thenez (11 hours ago) [-]
moving the string in that fashion would require both portals to move in space.
User avatar
#183 - silversea (11 hours ago) [-]
except this is the exact same problem, removing all the bullshit with portals and points of view; its physics. point A moves, point B is still. This is exactly what happens with the portals, regardless of if its possible.
User avatar
#184 - thenez (11 hours ago) [-]
In the string model, both planes of reference are moving at the same speed, therefore the object stays at rest in space.

In the model being discussed, only one plane of reference is moving, and therefore the object gains momentum.
User avatar
#185 - silversea (11 hours ago) [-]
no, in the string model, the second point is fixed. that is why its an accurate model. point A is always adjacent to point B, but point A moves; because it is a string, point B can stay still and still be adjacent to point A.
#100 - Strongg?  [+] (4 replies) 10/26/2016 on A GODDESS HAS DESCENDED -20
#114 - anon (10/26/2016) [-]
#138 - anon (10/26/2016) [-]
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#227 - furiousmarshmellow (10/26/2016) [-]
nerf pls
#177 - anon (10/26/2016) [-]
#349 - Ok buddy 09/14/2016 on king pedo 0
#205 - Learn what? 09/11/2016 on king pedo +2
#203 - ? 09/11/2016 on king pedo +1
#193 - Dude, now do you see? You are just a retard, bashing retar…  [+] (13 replies) 09/11/2016 on king pedo +2
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#348 - popeflatus (09/14/2016) [-]
It's taking its damn time, but we're getting there!

User avatar
#349 - HenrikVIII (09/14/2016) [-]
Ok buddy
User avatar
#346 - popeflatus (09/14/2016) [-]
1st Foundational Falsehood of Creationism Running from delusion and lies if anything, but I prefer to fight those myself.
User avatar
#347 - HenrikVIII (09/14/2016) [-]
C'mon man, you obviously care too much about this, so i won't fuck with you any more, but let go. Church won't go away any time soon, so just learn to live with it
User avatar
#204 - popeflatus (09/11/2016) [-]
Read and learn.
User avatar
#205 - HenrikVIII (09/11/2016) [-]
Learn what?
User avatar
#203 - HenrikVIII (09/11/2016) [-]
User avatar
#197 - popeflatus (09/11/2016) [-]
Of course I'm speaking the truth. My claims can easily be verified using the net. I can explain it some more if you like. Keep learning friend and don't fear the religious boogiemen. They can't hurt you anymore.
User avatar
#198 - HenrikVIII (09/11/2016) [-]
They never could, it looks like it's something you are running from.
User avatar
#194 - popeflatus (09/11/2016) [-]
I'm just bringing some facts to the table. This site loves to bash SJWs for their anti STEM positions but the Christians get defended when someone speaks the truth! Lol. That's some rich retardation right there.
#249 - anon (09/11/2016) [-]
Omfg how fucking dense are you? You relaly do not grasp it; you're still puzzled as to why people do not stray away from religion, just because there's information readily available on the internet? Holy fuck - I'm impressed that you managed to grasp scientific concepts; your world view is so fucking simple and basic. Read some human psychology and fill out the rest of the picture. Science is the key to our universe and beyond, but that's not all there is to life.

[spoiler] I study theoretical physics and have no religious ties.[spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler]
User avatar
#196 - HenrikVIII (09/11/2016) [-]
Oh nice. Now you speak the "truth". Ok there buddy. Take some time and think a bit, travel the world, your hugbox became too small and now, within your echo chamber, there is only you.

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