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#272 - The point of anon's comment was to say that of course the majo…  [+] (2 replies) 01/12/2012 on IQ of the World 0
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#276 - steelplatypus (01/12/2012) [-]
Okay first off where did you pull your first three sentences from, considering all the anon said was the natives are black and that's blatantly wrong because they're not. His comment does not even hint to the idea that the majority of non African, non native Americans are of European descent and as far as I can tell has almost no real relevance to Legostudio's post.
Furthermore Legostudio never used the fact that Americans are of European descent to support his feelings that Europeans aren't all intelligent (everywhere has its fair share of idiots.)
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#277 - hodthunderwolf (01/12/2012) [-]
Maybe because I have enough of a brain to not have to have my hand held through each post, and have every word spelt out for me to understand anon's point.

And legostudio said "besides..." straight after talking about amerifat - european intelligence, and how there isn't a difference. This is him clearly saying "well, we are all european anyway, so they obviously aren't smarter than us". Seriously, what else can that imply?

And lol, his comment doesn't even hint at the idea of white amerifats are of european descent? seriously? well what about this quote "Besides, the majority of Americans will tell you they either have European ancestry, or are from Europe themselves." - That's "not even hinting" at the majority of amerifats having european descent? other than it out right saying it of course.

And legostudio doesn't really have a point. well, he has an opinion, that opinion being that amerifats aren't dumber than europeans. He doesn't actually offer support for this claim, just states that white amerifats have european ancestry.
#22 - Comment deleted 10/25/2011 on Burglar 0