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#24 - Comment deleted  [+] (3 new replies) 06/06/2014 on I have diarrhea +6
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#54 - **EasyEnzie rolls 811** 06/04/2014 on Evil Plans -1
#177 - **** ya TPB 06/04/2014 on damn that's impressive +1
#105 - way more fun to replay, can complete the missions in so many d… 06/01/2014 on Master Assassin 0
#102 - blood money is way better  [+] (2 new replies) 06/01/2014 on Master Assassin 0
User avatar #103 - wilfredfanforever (06/01/2014) [-]
Wanna explain why?
User avatar #105 - EasyEnzie (06/01/2014) [-]
way more fun to replay, can complete the missions in so many different ways.
#52 - it also wasn't actually shot in NY 05/22/2014 on Friends 0
#273 - no, kill the prick. him being in prison costs money.  [+] (6 new replies) 05/22/2014 on Makes me feel good about... +7
User avatar #290 - paraplegicdinosaur (05/22/2014) [-]
By that logic, we should kill everyone in the prison system because they cost money. Look, I'm all for giving justice where it's due but I don't agree with death being a punishment for this type of stuff. It doesn't do anything but instill fear. Our prison system sucks, since they offer no real means for rehabilitation but in this sort of scenario I'd honestly rather have them know that what they did was wrong and they need to pay their dues. Death doesn't really equate to that because they're dead.
#312 - kinginyellow (05/22/2014) [-]
Ya and that also brings up three things I have:

1) Who's gonna do the killing? Some people might be all for it, but extended amounts of killing, no matter the person, must have some kind of emotional damage. These are defenseless people too, strapped to a table and killed like that. It's be a little disturbing to do that god knows how many times a day.

2) What if he can helped/he's innocent? Some criminals end up finding regret for what they did and asking for forgiveness or helping. Ted Bundy helped cops find other serial killers with his knowledge, and if they had just offed him, then what? And killing somebody who would change and maybe make a difference I have a problem with. Let them live out their punishment and come back changed if they really want to change. Some people also don't become criminals out of the blue, some suffered emotional and psychological damage. Doesn't make them right, but it means they have a chance at being fixed with the right help.

3) What if he's innocent? You just sentenced a man to death who didn't do anything to deserve, how would that make you feel? With a justice system that can and has made mistakes, even if it has a high success rate, death penalty has the ability to cause error and kill those who were innocent. At least in jail he can be found innocent and released to live a free rest of his life.
User avatar #332 - xxbandwagonxx (05/22/2014) [-]
There's an outer limits episode that really focuses on 3. Basically when you commit a crime they hook a machine into your brain and you spend a couple hours experiencing years of rehabilitation based on your own brain function.
The big question is what if the man was innocent, what would such a machine do to him.

As for what qualifies for the death penalty, there should be a check list of overwhelming evidence. Say they have the murdering rapist on camera, with confession, evidence, and witness testimony. Yeah kill him.
User avatar #302 - mechaemperor (05/22/2014) [-]
Rehabilitation is useless for mentally ill criminals.
They need to be under surveillance at all times.

#560 - lebrew (05/22/2014) [-]
But is it right to convict someone to death if they are considered mentally ill? Not trying to provoke, got this question in class. "Can you convict people to death solely based on their actions?"
User avatar #633 - mechaemperor (05/22/2014) [-]
If you're thinking in terms of the potential damage they would cause if they're free, along with the cost of keeping them locked up forever, then the death penalty is more practical.
Of course, you first need to prove that they have no intention of suppressing their urges.

The only reason to not enact the death penalty is moral conviction, human rights, but in my opinion, when someone is willing to cause harm to society without restraint, they cease to be human.
#103 - **EasyEnzie rolled image ** mfw flossing 05/19/2014 on You're all sick 0
#144 - **EasyEnzie rolls 0** ...in inches  [+] (1 new reply) 05/19/2014 on Old butt gold +47
#146 - bighairyfart (05/19/2014) [-]
#63 - Comment deleted 05/19/2014 on getting the frontpage +1
#85 - **EasyEnzie rolled image ** 05/19/2014 on skrull 0
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#27 - now post the second picture 05/14/2014 on Some moments are meant to... 0
#82 - hockey and its players is the best  [+] (3 new replies) 04/25/2014 on Tootoo makes kids' life +2
User avatar #100 - saltyfries (04/25/2014) [-]
dat's the Red Wings, they're from Detroit, MI.
User avatar #118 - moonmist (04/25/2014) [-]
dat's the Red Wings, they're from Sweeden They just play in Detroit
#119 - saltyfries (04/25/2014) [-]
#158 - **** , i'm a proud canadian. 04/05/2014 on Canada comp +5
#88 - hmmm i didnt even know you could click those things  [+] (1 new reply) 03/30/2014 on riddles +2
User avatar #90 - flyingfeces (03/30/2014) [-]
Good thing I taugh you something ancient blue one
I remember there was a confession bear post about not knowing what the spoiler button did so you're not the only one.
#84 - bottle towel sandpaper? river  [+] (3 new replies) 03/30/2014 on riddles +2
User avatar #85 - flyingfeces (03/30/2014) [-]
You could............. click the spoilers to check the answers yourself......
But anyhow A+ EasyEnzie ^^ no extra riddle class for you good man.
User avatar #88 - EasyEnzie (03/30/2014) [-]
hmmm i didnt even know you could click those things
User avatar #90 - flyingfeces (03/30/2014) [-]
Good thing I taugh you something ancient blue one
I remember there was a confession bear post about not knowing what the spoiler button did so you're not the only one.
#24 - its the best thing anyone has ever done 03/30/2014 on The green bastard 0
#76 - theres nothing wrong here, move along 03/30/2014 on men 0
#51 - this is the greatest show ever made, i don't care what anyone says.  [+] (1 new reply) 03/30/2014 on a true thinker +2
User avatar #62 - teufelhunden (03/30/2014) [-]
I couldn't agree more.
#63 - i just jizzed  [+] (1 new reply) 03/28/2014 on White girl takes big dark... +1
User avatar #64 - nibbero (03/28/2014) [-]
The time has come and so have I.
#118 - sped up, pulled the clutch, drifted along side  [+] (2 new replies) 03/28/2014 on Innocent driver mugged by... +2
User avatar #122 - lolzordz (03/28/2014) [-]
i thought i saw him speeding up a bit to hand her the mug
#145 - bapsmcgee (03/28/2014) [-]
Maybe she was slowing down
#20 - smithers 03/25/2014 on C'est... excellent. Hon hon... +12
#152 - ummm, no that's wrong  [+] (1 new reply) 03/25/2014 on Drinking all over the world +1
User avatar #153 - lolollo (03/25/2014) [-]
That's all you're going to have as a rebuttal?


No it isn't.
#60 - we also travel by dog sled everywhere  [+] (6 new replies) 03/02/2014 on Canada, pls. +3
User avatar #67 - reinbowxdash (03/02/2014) [-]
Don't forget about our igloos and good manners.
User avatar #71 - misticalz (03/02/2014) [-]
No, Fuck off, stop feeding this stupid, unfunny "jokes"
#72 - reinbowxdash (03/02/2014) [-]
I'm sorry.
#73 - misticalz (03/02/2014) [-]
#84 - lokischosen (03/02/2014) [-]
#125 - legendofbearo (03/03/2014) [-]
Now im sorry


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