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#214 - It is a rather military thinkking with which I mean WW1 … 15 hours ago on 'Nam 0
#58 - Since black guys alway die first in battle you would be invinc… 22 hours ago on /a/ meets /k/ 0
#71 - The Ted Offensive was actually a millitary desaster for the NV…  [+] (2 new replies) 22 hours ago on 'Nam +3
User avatar #187 - brobafett (17 hours ago) [-]
Losses didn't matter to them all that much, considering they receive on average 300000 new warfighters a year. If the was based off their losses, then it wouldn't have been considered such a disaster in military history.
#214 - dangerface (15 hours ago) [-]
It is a rather military thinkking with which I mean WW1 era old guard to say, that losses didn't matter to them since they had enough manpower support (but I'm not a vietnamese general, so what do I know).

I think Vietnam is for the USA the turning point WW1 should have become for Europe: the perfect anti-war, at least judged from nowadays.

America is in the war because they don't want russian influence in South East Asia - neither Austria nor Germany wanted russian influence on the Balkans
Vietnam was more or less a war for Independence of the vietnamese people that was fucked up by superpowers - same goes for serbia in WW1
the deillusion comes in both wars rather fast, people are draged to vietnam and the battlefields of WW1 sometimes even against their will, the term to survive becomes more imortant than the will to win although, that could be normal point of the beeing war
no strategic victory in the end, for nobody (counting the american part of the war)
several revolutions, mostly in south vietnam plus the cultural revolution in the north - revolutions in russia, germany, austria and so on and the striken down ones in france during WW1
the question of guilt, I mean seriously just scroll up or down and you can actually see what I mean in vietnam war - war guilt for germany in WW1? that'll rustle some jimmies
Soldier, what are you fighting for?

Those are my seven arguments. Interestingly enough, both wars don't seem to have prevented any side from waging more wars, even shortly after that...
#69 - Spoiler for age of Ultron, so I'll be be hiding it: …  [+] (2 new replies) 05/05/2015 on Random Interesting Facts... -1
User avatar #87 - guardianatreyu (05/05/2015) [-]
I hate Black Widow. Yeah I said. I really think the character is uninteresting and is ultimately nothing more than a sex symbol. The movie version of her is a bit better but not enough for me to like the character. She's just the useless sex symbol.
#146 - tarabostes (05/05/2015) [-]
Hey, but she's a SEXY sex symbol!
#102 - most of them are pic related some of them are just: "… 05/01/2015 on 21 men who are single now +2
#97 - I'm at the stage in between those two levels: not watching any…  [+] (1 new reply) 05/01/2015 on thanks obama 0
#111 - Common Pepe (05/01/2015) [-]
That cant be human.
#357 - 1) Must be 18 characters max damnit Parthurnaxthedragon is… 04/30/2015 on Rename anonymous again! 0
#84 - Die spinnen, die Japaner! 04/29/2015 on i knew it +1
#23 - Nuclear energy has two grat pros in my opinion: first we don't… 04/28/2015 on See where you stand 0
#22 - Comment deleted 04/28/2015 on See where you stand 0
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