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#6 - Did he say mome raths, as in one of the creatures in the poem …  [+] (1 reply) 04/22/2016 on Explaining the taste for... 0
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#7 - keepyourselfalive (04/22/2016) [-]
i thought he said gnome rats but he might've said mome raths
#1 - So how many gods do you think you have to devour in order to g…  [+] (9 replies) 04/19/2016 on More Personal DS3 Fun... +2
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#3 - dudulli (04/19/2016) [-]
I actually think he only ate Gwyndolin.
So, one.

If I understood the Debbie Downer at Firelink Shrine he just ate a lot of random people.
#6 - nkossak (04/19/2016) [-]
nope, he has part on nito (weapon), when he use fire i guess its some izalith sister, and i'm sure about priscilla' scythe
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#7 - dudulli (04/20/2016) [-]
What? Is that a fan theory?

"he has part o(f) nito (weapon)"
He has a staff with a blade on top of it. That's it. That's far from being the Gravelord Sword. There are a lot of resemblences regarding weapons in the Soul series.
Also how would he devour Nito or the Witch of Izalith when they were dead after the events of DS1?

From the information, that I remember, giving in the game he came from Irythill, ended up in the Cathedral of the Deep, ate a fuck ton of people and turned into some sort of abbomination (Debbie Downer says this), linked the flame - pepsi - went back to Irythill (this was _JUST_ as you arrived, Anri says this) and turns out in S&O Room looking like Gwyndolin.

I dare say the only information I've read so far that indicates he ate more than Gwyndolin is his name: Devourer of God>S<.
#8 - nkossak (04/20/2016) [-]
well I see u are some guy that done his homework and read all descriptions but there is one thing, darksouls lore is known to be not very clear and a lot of info is hidden
and btw if they say about one god not the other, that doesnt mean that ealier he hadn't some other big meals...

and ds lore taught us before that observation of atacks, appearance or themes are good hints
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#9 - dudulli (04/20/2016) [-]
You are defintely right but there is always the mistake of overinterpreting things.

For example the only attacks by Aldrich that are extremely resembling to another person is Gwyndolin's arrow spell and his little floting balls. Some spells have mild resemblance but not to the point where I'd say "ok, this guy ate XY".
I mean the big guys with the crosses on their staffs in Irythill use pyromancies however I would not connect them to anything related to Izalith.

However, you aren't wrong and maybe some time, hidden things that get discovered later or DLC shatters more light on things.
#10 - nkossak (04/20/2016) [-]
#13 - theironbullordo (04/20/2016) [-]
Regarding Fluffy-Tail Waifu's scythe:

From the Lifehunt Scythe Miracle granted through Aldrich's soul: Aldrich dreamt as he slowly devoured the God of the Darkmoon. In this dream, he perceived the form of a young, pale girl in hiding. So we have confirmed that he nom'd the trap god, but created the scythe due to his dream of Priscilla.
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#14 - nkossak (04/20/2016) [-]
ye i saw that too and i hope that he just learned it from a dream...and it say about Yorshka not priscilla
#2 - bulwark (04/19/2016) [-]
**bulwark used "*roll picture*"**
**bulwark rolled image** Legit question... I guess 10 or so gods, of decent power... On the other hand, snacking on 30 lesser gods would probably earn you the same title.

But in the end, if some random fucker can just drop by and whoop your ass, then the title doesn't say much.
#3 - I wonder how much of that was in there before the reshoot to m…  [+] (3 replies) 04/11/2016 on Suicide Squad Trailer 2 +2
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#12 - bigfootluke (04/11/2016) [-]
from what ive heard the reshoot wasnt to add more humor. all this humor was already there. apparently, these reshoots are just warner brothers letting the director add in what he didnt before. they basically gave him free reign to add scenes and whatever he wanted to make his vision more complete
User avatar
#8 - ScottP (04/11/2016) [-]
The reshoot supposedly began about a week ago. In one week, the most you can do in big-budget films like this is get a set built. That's it.
User avatar
#6 - giantcondor (04/11/2016) [-]
All of it. They shot all that, called all the actors back, got the sets back up and got the special effects team to polish it in roughly just one week.
#1 - I've also written a book, currently trying to find an agent (a…  [+] (2 replies) 04/07/2016 on ECO the book +1
#3 - fartsalot (04/09/2016) [-]
I have no idea what I'm doing! But I wouldn't mind a few pointers if you know any. Book is over 500 pages long, and it's a bitch to edit. (I still need to do more editing)
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#2 - omegafriend (04/07/2016) [-]