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#13 - "Enemy involvement" By that, I mean only on… 01/26/2016 on so much money in 1 picture +2
#19 - A lot of people think that older brothers just pick on the you…  [+] (1 new reply) 01/26/2016 on quit cryin pussy +7
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#46 - Sterski (01/26/2016) [-]
Yeah but on the other hand I never did shit to my brother cause I knew he could beat the shit out of me any time he wanted.
Yet he was still a complete asshole.
#10 - Price tag is pretty high, but that tends to be okay when the t…  [+] (3 new replies) 01/26/2016 on so much money in 1 picture +17
#12 - duoblackrose (01/26/2016) [-]
I think we've lost more than one due to fuck ups, i remember seeing a video of one pilot fuck up taking it off and flipping it. he bailed though, i think he was in a world of shit once medical cleared him.
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#28 - vorarephilia (01/26/2016) [-]
Even though we act like it, other Americans are not technically considered enemies of America.
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#13 - BigDru (01/26/2016) [-]
"Enemy involvement"

By that, I mean only one has been shot down.
#34 - "Average" has become "plus-sized" now. … 01/25/2016 on plus-sized? -1
#16 - Random observation here: is it just the lighting in that frame… 01/11/2016 on David Bowie Dead at 69 0
#23 - I saw this and for some reason thought I'd hear the "ULTR… 01/11/2016 on INTENSIFIES 0
#5 - How are border collies/australian shepherds, labs? Joke doesn'…  [+] (2 new replies) 12/28/2015 on har har -1
#8 - anon (12/28/2015) [-]
They are the ones collie-cting the labs results

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#6 - deadlyfoez (12/28/2015) [-]
I am border line collieing you a smpug person.
#10 - I'm only twenty-something, and yet I can look back and see how… 12/23/2015 on Shit Steve Harvey says 0
#8 - No, I don't. I disagree with atheists on the whole "god o…  [+] (2 new replies) 12/22/2015 on Shit Steve Harvey says 0
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#9 - redplasticcup (12/22/2015) [-]
He's 58, he's not that old. Again can't just pass the buck saying he's from a different era he's not even 60 yet, he isn't a baby he should be able to make decisions and come to conclusions like an adult, which leads me to believe he isn't that smart. Also what do you think about the Atheim is a belief thing. Do you think it is or isn't?
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#10 - BigDru (12/23/2015) [-]
I'm only twenty-something, and yet I can look back and see how quickly -- and severely -- things have changed in my life: global warming making it eighty degrees on Christmas eve, and it didn't even get cold until halfway through December. People are suing everyone for everything. Political-correctness is at an all-time high (or low, depending on how you look at it). Computers have gone from the size of a room to the size of a watch, and the watch has more processing power than a computer 4000x the size of it, twenty years ago.

A lot's happened in twenty years; imagine how much change someone Steve Harvey's age has seen. Hell, when I moved with my family to GA ten years ago, there was some old white man that thought it would be amusing to hang a noose at the doorstep of the house we bought, the day we moved in (my brother is black). Time and time again, I see people in their mid- to late-fifties doing and saying shit that people nowadays find insane; that doesn't make the whole thing Steve Harvey did right, I'm just saying that one needs to understand that he has different views from the people of this generation, and people need to accept that, even if they don't agree with said views.

As far as atheism, it's a belief, plain and simple, just like religions around the world. In the mind of an atheist, I can't conclusively prove that there is a god, because my evidence is thrown out as "religious bullshit", yet because of that same evidence, an atheist will never convince me that there isn't a god. Die-hard atheists like to posture and call Christians idiots for believing in someone they can't see with their eyes or hear with their ears, to which decent, logical Christians (they do exist, don't kid yourself) know that the majority of atheists are going to deny any evidence they bring up, because it's not something that can be broken down and studied with conventional science. That's why there are still debates with the "god or no god" thing: because neither group can come up with conclusive evidence to prove their own stance to the other. By process of elimination, that makes atheism, "the abstinence of all belief", a belief because said stance on belief believes that there is no god.
#21 - Great idea here: anyone who thinks that Syrian refugees need h… 12/22/2015 on I mean +1