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#107 - I feel ya man 10/27/2014 on Dare 0
#44 - All these kids smoking weed and drinking and not realizing LSD…  [+] (27 replies) 10/27/2014 on Dare +89
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#182 - hattheifbatman (10/28/2014) [-]
I ruined your 21 replies to say that it was a number in the content
#180 - junahi (10/28/2014) [-]
Dude, if I could get my hands on LSD I would fcking buy it. I have only bought 2 papers, both at the same time, in my whole 4-5 drug years. They are really hard to get and really costly. And sadly that trip was kinda ruined because one of the guys tripped bad and went to loop inside his head.
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#196 - MyNameIsntCrookers (10/28/2014) [-]
hi. i vendor what you speak of.
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#173 - processing (10/28/2014) [-]
Mescaline? The fuck are you? Hunter S. Thompson?
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#177 - Bforbacon (10/28/2014) [-]
You're gonna love Debbie Reynolds
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#158 - ieatbengay (10/28/2014) [-]
some people like the be social
#122 - lnsomniac (10/28/2014) [-]
I've done shrooms a couple times and I definitely think they change you. Not really in a bad way, I enjoy nature much more now and think about things differently. I agree with the typical saying that they "open your mind". I'm skeptical to try LSD though because I have researched psychedelics a lot and get the impression that they can become part of your lifestyle and have a significant change on how your see things in the world. Not to mention that you can end up with HPPD. I'm currently working on getting an engineering degree and don't want psychedelics to interfere with it, despite my curiosity. Anyone who's tried more than just shrooms have an input on this and whether they would recommend LSD or Mescaline?
#200 - anon (10/28/2014) [-]
When you say LSD is the most beautiful drug i have ever taken. Mescaline is a lot more powerful visually, to the point where you have no idea where you are. The only way i can describe my mescaline trip is by saying that the ground was fish, and the sky was cats, and that is just how it was. but LSD is mind opening, calm, and you have a general sense of control that mescaline takes away. but hey, you do you man.
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#100 - yorker (10/27/2014) [-]
I wanna try that, and peyote. How's peyote??
#123 - vymastenaochechula (10/28/2014) [-]
peyote is mescaline
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#128 - yorker (10/28/2014) [-]
oh yea huh
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#106 - anonshenanigans (10/27/2014) [-]
I hear you see your spirit animal and shit, so I'd say cool.
#57 - anon (10/27/2014) [-]
Well bro, wish It was easy to get to that but the easiest to get are in this order:

1. Alcohol (easy) 2. Weed (hard) 3. Mescaline (even harder/impossible) 4.LSD (impossible)
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#164 - malvolio (10/28/2014) [-]
Where do you live? Even LSD is easy for me to source and I live in australia!
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#149 - westonbeast (10/28/2014) [-]
LSD is three. But don't forget we live in the age of Online Drug Deals. Drugs shipped directly to your house for cheap cheap cheap.
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#135 - dropdeadbiotch (10/28/2014) [-]
Really? I can get weed, relatively easy, same with LSD. And for cheap too. Life's great
#130 - ratstroke (10/28/2014) [-]
implying weed is hard to get
implying you cant buy peyote openly in several countries
implying you cant plant peyote either
implying you cant make your own lsd with rye
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#165 - malvolio (10/28/2014) [-]
How do you make your own lsd with rye!?!
#176 - ratstroke (10/28/2014) [-]
i havent done it and im not all that hot on doing it so i dont know, but i know that lsd comes from the fungus that grows on rye called ergot. You can buy rye on smartshops like Azarius, probably you can get more info on what to do with the rye there too. All i can say is that if youre interested a google search will probably get you further than I can, if you do ever find out let me know
#178 - malvolio (10/28/2014) [-]
Lets do this shit!
#185 - ratstroke (10/28/2014) [-]
mate its incredible how easy it is to find information on the internet. I basically found how to extract lsd out of the ergot and how to make any type of psychadelic you can pretty much think of....
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#190 - malvolio (10/28/2014) [-]
Getting the chemical and the equipment is hard.
#191 - ratstroke (10/28/2014) [-]
well if youre in highschool you could just steal most of the stuff. If not one could probably order them online (or just fucking buy the acid online instead of making it)
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#124 - thepollock (10/28/2014) [-]
where do you live that weed is hard, and mescaline is even harder, but less hard to find than LSD? weed (medium) LSD (very difficult) Mescaline (near impossible)
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#68 - yumyumtittysucker (10/27/2014) [-]
nigga it'll take me 10 minutes to buy a sheet of lsd, tops. Should never limit yourself to your own expectations.
#105 - poopmanz (10/27/2014) [-]
The only probably in my town is there is a lot of fake acid, things like 2cb, 2ci, and other research chemicals. All the real dealers for lsd get locked up fast or have shit prices.
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#107 - Bforbacon (10/27/2014) [-]
I feel ya man
#42 - silkroad 10/27/2014 on Dare +1
#8 - m8  [+] (1 reply) 10/22/2014 on [insert pun here] +2
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#9 - boneknight (10/22/2014) [-]
#37 - yea ****** 10/14/2014 on Bitch 0