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User avatar #683 - commiekirby (05/14/2011) [-]
It seems my inbox is STILL broken, so as I said earlier how are you doing?
User avatar #704 to #689 - Aro (05/14/2011) [-]
@709 Well then you'll just keep going into the vicious cycle.
User avatar #705 to #710 - commiekirby (05/14/2011) [-]
It's worth it.
User avatar #706 to #711 - Aro (05/14/2011) [-]
You'll be saying that now. But just wait.
User avatar #707 to #712 - commiekirby (05/14/2011) [-]
All I have to say to that is Deus Vult.
User avatar #684 to #689 - Aro (05/14/2011) [-]
Huh. I'm doing great.

What about the punching babies?
User avatar #685 to #690 - commiekirby (05/14/2011) [-]
Good to hear.

Oh yeah that, I'm just really stressed and pissed off right now...
User avatar #686 to #691 - Aro (05/14/2011) [-]
Well I got to beat the **** out of a vending machine. I've never felt so alive~ So try that.
User avatar #687 to #692 - commiekirby (05/14/2011) [-]
I shall... except I'll replace the vending machine with apathetic and greedy bastards that must be taught a goddamn lesson...
User avatar #688 to #693 - Aro (05/14/2011) [-]
No, man, gotta be vending machines. People might fight back. But I showed that machine who's boss. He tried to eat my dollar, but I smacked it so hard it gave me two ******* candies. Two. ****** was put in his god damn place.
User avatar #689 to #694 - commiekirby (05/14/2011) [-]
Heh, that made me laugh.
True... people fight back... where's my gun?
User avatar #690 to #695 - Aro (05/14/2011) [-]
Dude, it has to be physical. Dude, you should have seen me. I was slamming my whole body against it, absolutely screaming " ******** YOU PIECE OF ******* ********* I WILL ******* END YOU IF YOU DON'T GIVE ME MY GOD DAMN ******* SKITTLES RIGHT NOW YOU LITTLE **** !!!" I attracted quite the crowd. But they all cheered when it finally fell. :D
User avatar #691 to #696 - commiekirby (05/14/2011) [-]
Soooooo... my sword?
User avatar #692 to #697 - Aro (05/14/2011) [-]
Nope. Fists.
User avatar #693 to #698 - commiekirby (05/14/2011) [-]
But I'm so weak! God, I'm like Poland! I fight valiantly and with spirit but lose miserably...
User avatar #694 to #699 - Aro (05/14/2011) [-]
Dude, so am I. Trust me. All my exes are stronger than me. I am a weak **** . It's all about the release of adrenaline and anger, not damage.
User avatar #695 to #700 - commiekirby (05/14/2011) [-]
Yeah that's true, of course I'm more persistent than anything.
I may get knocked down many times but I'll win in the end.
User avatar #696 to #701 - Aro (05/14/2011) [-]
I swear I thought the machine was gonna tip on me. I was hitting it so hard.
User avatar #697 to #702 - commiekirby (05/14/2011) [-]
Maybe I'm just pure evil now but you should have did this to someone you hate...
User avatar #698 to #703 - Aro (05/14/2011) [-]
For one, ever since I stopped caring, I don't really "hate" anyone. (Except that ****** who asked my ex to prom a week after she left me. >:C)

Second, if I got into a fight I would have either lost or been suspended/expelled. Not worth it.
User avatar #699 to #704 - commiekirby (05/14/2011) [-]
Damn, wish I could give up my grudges like you... (That's just poor timing...)

Oh yeah, assaulting people is not okay for some crazy ******* reason.
User avatar #700 to #705 - Aro (05/14/2011) [-]
You just gotta learn to detach. Don't live for tomorrow and don't get stuck in the past. Enjoy the moment! CARPE DIEM!

Of course it is. It endangers others.
User avatar #701 to #706 - commiekirby (05/14/2011) [-]
Wait, if I give up all of that then my whole vengeance obsessed part of me will go away... that would make me a sad panda.

User avatar #702 to #707 - Aro (05/14/2011) [-]
So be it. I'm 80% happier now that I've seized each day with both arms outstretched.
User avatar #703 to #708 - commiekirby (05/14/2011) [-]
I can't lose my chaotic good side!
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