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    What if... What if...
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    Momma's coming around Momma's coming around
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    To the Windowwwwwww To the Windowwwwwww
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    Whats Your ninja name? Whats Your ninja name?
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    Hide the Porn! Hide the Porn!
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    I Giggled I Giggled
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    Attack on Titan Attack on Titan

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#57 - this one really got to me 02/19/2015 on Autistic Olympics #2 +2
#36 - Date A Live 02/14/2015 on Merry Valentine's Day 0
#58 - Barck's new foreign policy is really game changing.  [+] (1 new reply) 02/05/2015 on #HackingUsa +14
User avatar #60 - ScottP (02/05/2015) [-]
Obama-kun wouldn't do that, w-would he?
#16 - This bitch Rachel think she so clever but anyone can see that … 01/26/2015 on Tinder Lines 5.5 - Profiles +25
#401 - You disgust me. 01/13/2015 on Cringe Comp 6 : Weeaboos 0
#89 - More meaningless nonsense. Seems about right. 01/10/2015 on What does today have for you? 0
#23 - We can see this through his interraction with his classmates, … 01/04/2015 on Funny title 0
#19 - I've never understood why everyone always gives Shinji …  [+] (4 new replies) 01/04/2015 on Funny title 0
#32 - vytros (01/04/2015) [-]
because he ruined every other Main Character in existence in the next generation that he was in (and we're still pretty much in) because seemingly the best fucking way to make money is to give the weabest faggots a pussy ass son of a bitch who still has a fucking harem for his dick as the hero of a series instead of someone who is actually capable
User avatar #29 - fargfive (01/04/2015) [-]
Because him not having iron-clad balls and being realistic isn't as fun to watch.
I want a remake where he's Gar as fuck and the girls throw themselves at him but he ignores them in favor of Kowaru because it'd be hilarious.
User avatar #23 - AnimalChupicabra (01/04/2015) [-]
We can see this through his interraction with his classmates, and how, at first, despite the fact that it was nothing more than a misunderstanding, he never tries to clear up the issues he has, simply because, Evangelion is a show about personal issues and personal failures. Shinji's trust issues and inability to get close with others causes him to be outcasted almost immediately. Not only that, but the pain of being outcasted because of his piloting the Eva leads him back to the main decision he made. "Should I even be piloting the Eva at all?" I can easily say without a shadow of a doubt that the majority of the people who say that Shinij is a pussy would have dropped the keys to the Eva in a field somewhere and fucked right off to hopefully scrounge up atleast enough of his already completely delapitated mental state after fighting giant space monsters to hopefully live a normal enough life without constantly contemplating suicide or actually going through with it. there is seriously so much shit I could go into into miraculous detail, and while my brain wants me to, I am also limited by the sheer willpower I am willing to exude, considering that in my current state of tired mind, I would probably end up botching or leaving out critical bits. As such, I'll leave it off with this. Shinji isn't a pussy. He's a misunderstood child with horrible traumas that have been culminating through most of his young life. Despite this, he still makes decisions some of us would easily pass down, and because of that, I find it odd that people still call him a pussy when really he is the cornerstone of the "sacrifices himself for others" hero stereotype, which is bordered mostly around his own personal issues, where he devalues himself to the point of almost subhumanism.
#20 - Rei (01/04/2015) [-]
People who didn't pay attention enough and hate it because they didn't boil down the characters and the show sucking due to stupid reasons which weren't even issues if they had paid attention.
#284 - I'm sitting here trying to properly install Artificial Academy… 12/13/2014 on whatcha up to tonight? 0
#101 - Picture 12/10/2014 on C & H Random Comic... +1
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