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#271 - Why shouldn't healthcare be a government service when the poli… 09/26/2014 on Scumbag 'Murica +2
#263 - Evolution isn't perfect and it takes a while to phase out trai… 06/17/2014 on (untitled) 0
#261 - "You'd have to circumcise 100 boys to save 1 from STI inf… 06/17/2014 on (untitled) 0
#111 - Let the red thumbs come in. There's plenty of random control t… 06/16/2014 on (untitled) +2
#107 - Here's another comment for you to thumb down. Go ahead. I will… 06/16/2014 on (untitled) +2
#105 - Comment deleted 06/16/2014 on (untitled) 0
#86 - "lol there's no reason to get a circumcision and you're r…  [+] (7 new replies) 06/16/2014 on (untitled) -1
#111 - ARRRGGGG (06/16/2014) [-]
Let the red thumbs come in. There's plenty of random control trials and studies with a link between circumcision and reduced incidence of HIV infection. I don't even care if you get circumsized or not, come with your butthurt and tell me how circumcision has no medical benefits. Please tell me that the CDC and WHO are full of shit and that you're right because of your anecdotal personal experiences.
#107 - ARRRGGGG (06/16/2014) [-]
Here's another comment for you to thumb down. Go ahead. I will enjoy knowing thumbing me down is the only thing you can do because you can't come up with shit to counter peer-reviewed scientific articles.
#105 - ARRRGGGG has deleted their comment.
User avatar #88 - holeymoley (06/16/2014) [-]
plus, no smeg
#90 - hugebulliest (06/16/2014) [-]
I'm 21

Not cut

No smeg and it still hasn't fallen off
#179 - xxxsonic fanxxx (06/17/2014) [-]
Considering everyone gets smegma, I doubt it. Good hygenic practices make it largely a moot issue I tend to think, but then again there are reasons for circumcision besides cleanliness. Pinched penis heads due to a growth defects in the muscles is a good example.
#195 - hugebulliest (06/17/2014) [-]
Then they make a tiny cut and the whole issue is fixed.....

Just shower clean your body every now and again... But maybe that is too much to ask to a person who want to be... Clean....

The only thing that changes after circumcision is that the boy will never have the full pleasure of sex. Both with people and masturbation.

Which is quite the thing to do a toddler who can't defend himself.
#116 - It's not just unfounded fear. There's also the issue of what t…  [+] (5 new replies) 05/12/2014 on KAFacts: Tech +3
User avatar #191 - drldrl (05/12/2014) [-]
Can't we just send it all on a rocket into the sun? Is there a reason that wouldn't work?
User avatar #232 - nustix (05/12/2014) [-]
That's what I said last time people got angry.
User avatar #240 - drldrl (05/12/2014) [-]
I just read and article about it, and the only thing that could go bad is that a rocket carrying it would crash on earth or explode in the atmosphere.
I have 3 words to that.
Giant Space Cannon.
User avatar #153 - russianexplain (05/12/2014) [-]
I remember my science teacher told us that there is a country that uses recycled plutonium or uranium to power their nuclear reactors or something along the lines.
User avatar #146 - xtnega (05/12/2014) [-]
Uranium and Plutonium reactors are old tech, dating back far too long, as does the Light Water Reactor design; experimental Thorium reactors have already been built which bypass a vast majority of the nuclear waste problems (main byproducts have half-lives of a few hundred years, as opposed to hundreds of millions etc., actinide waste is 100% recyclable and fission byproduct waste is less radioactive than unrefined uranium ore after 200 years, not to mention the actual amount of waste produced is a mere fraction of what Uranium puts out:
realdoctorstu.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/thorium-waste-comparison.jpg ). Not to mention that Thorium is approximately 555 times more common than Uranium-235, its almost as common as lead:

#77 - Well, that doesn't really fall into military genius. Deciding … 04/23/2014 on Uncle Adolf 0
#75 - A great political leader and rabble-rouser? Yes. A military ge…  [+] (3 new replies) 04/23/2014 on Uncle Adolf +9
User avatar #76 - bloorajah (04/23/2014) [-]
all of those situations revolve around military strategy. im speaking solely of his military technology and equipment. which at the time was revolutionary and unparalleled.
i agree with you that his strategy was shoddy at best. but as for tech and power. nothing at the time could match the german army.
User avatar #78 - rapterjesus (04/23/2014) [-]
But the only thing Hitler had to do with the Military tech, was being crazy enough to throw money at all of it, much like the current US Military Industrial Complex. The Technology was completely dependent on the real genius' of Germany. The scientists and engineers who for had over 100 years defined Germany as a powerhouse. Hitler made use of what was given to him. Other than using his charisma to ride peoples mistrust of Jews, and their indignation at their treatment post-WW1, into power, he as a man has often been given MORE credit than he was due. He was surrounded by the BEST of the best. There is a reason the USSR and US snatched up the engineers, scientists and doctors.
#77 - ARRRGGGG (04/23/2014) [-]
Well, that doesn't really fall into military genius. Deciding to foster his industrial power was a pretty smart choice but the result of his investments had more to do with the ingenuity and industry of the German people than any one man. The Germans are pretty good at picking themselves back up.
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User avatar #3 - mrmatthunt (12/12/2011) [-]
Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.
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