(untitled). . File: lls waiter 0739 HERE KKK I (9 KB, ) If you had an infinite amount of money, what would your dream business be like? 3 I own the most exclusi
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File: lls waiter 0739 HERE KKK I (9 KB, )
If you had an infinite amount of money, what would your dream business be like?
3 I own the most exclusive in the world
3 called Che: Beathy
3 You cant just go there, its invite only
3 Every day I decide who are the celebrities that we are having for dinner
3 I would invite Tom Hanks, Seth McFarland, Bjoo, Michael Jackson, The Queen of England, Lindsey Lohan, the guy who invented the fleshlight
3 I“ -lo ******* allowed
3 Oprah is dying to be invited, begs her friends to beg me to have here here, but I never invite her
3 The celebrity receives a phone call: "Sir, this evening you' re eating at Che: Beathy"
3 They postpone any task they might have to be there
3 A limo comes at their place and they' re put a hood on their head. The location is secret
3 Che: Beathy is located on the island in the middle of a huge lake I' bought
3 As soon as they come in, they have to leave a signed blank check, they don‘ t know how much they' re gonna pay and they don‘ t have to mind
3 Sometimes its a dollars check, sometimes I offer the dinner for free because its Jim Carrey and he makes funny faces
3 We only serve one single dis h: whale fillet
3 The guest, say Stipe from the REM, is taken to an underwater dame
3 of any kind elegantly swim around them: blue whales, sperm whales, killer whales
3 The waiter asks politely: 'Sir, what would you fancy‘
3 "Oh, I' d love the number it please"
3 Whales have huge numbers tattooed on their sides
3 "Warld you like to make it on your own, Sir?
3 'Sure, thanks“
3 Mister Stipe is given a silver plated remote control with a golden "'17" on it
3 He pushes the button and the hunchback whale explodes
3 A group of gorgeous girls that are synchronized swimmers plunge in the lake and while making artistic figures gather the pieces of the animal
3 The guest is served a 200 grams (tha pounds] whale fillet dressed with a delicate mint sauce
3 In 2024 I finally decide to have Oprah over
3 She' s wetter than my lake far the emotion
3 I serve her 2 RFC chicken wings far a billion dollars and two cents
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Submitted: 04/30/2014
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User avatar #1 - traelos (04/30/2014) [+] (3 replies)
>No *******
>Michael Jackson

Pick one
#3 to #2 - 4chan refugee (05/01/2014) [-]
He's dead as ****
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