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D Aliens Us/ DE/ 13[ Sal) 43 No lessons: Regine: was 102
we 1370673838904 gems KB, 1000x1085, _ dred_ concerting)
I l had to excuse myselfe forthe incredulous leek l had been shooing the human commander, as we sat inside a m Kahlil motari bunker somewhere outide a place called 'Newark er someting outhit nature l had to excuse leek l was mm, because to me, l was
melts apparent that ths Mlle creature was out en es licking mine l picked that were up Flam them bythe way 'Fucking HACK , they use l simply‘ emphasize stress er someting, lye taken a liking to l l‘ ninj ell catch en in the Ranger Core, to be honest
Anyways Battle enimen We were in deep sht our longtime advertises, who wee been engages wth en tens hymns point in the Second Grand (Saleem War, somewhere around the swear mark, the Ma' s, had cemo to conquer Earth, wth a ‘lee only
er snips Small, scout ‘lee, but perfectly adequate w a we Interplanetary species Yeah, l knowthat had automated systems en others, but they had no presence ween , whatever At any rate, , a Sanke Attatchment' , had
managed to Followers scout ‘lee to Earth Flest hme we met humans, and boy, they were in a bad way We were lineing what help we could, but our sinks group, condoling about ten moons hands and about a moon at arms, ween" making much headway We were outmatched Hailing
human populatio was deeming other in dieing
D Aliens Us/ DE/ 13[ Sal) 44 No 16650102 Regine: was ll
So, w song nere in ths bunker Ths is 3 months shrine hast Zeta machine stepped Foot en Earth, and selltheworld' s governments surrendered Those that men" were almost primp‘ massed all ayer Most were almost neutralist in the hast couple skweeks we fact that any
sunnier the hast day ‘ nin operatin, gifen biotechnology level, speaks to At ths pein‘, burgurs, mew Ranger Group, was ngn‘ ing roughly la to l odds en the Earth' s surface we and a minim - had really done a number en us We were down to three camel snips,
our enemy had umpteen, we could take those three by Itself Farms most part l was hopeless Renforcements would likely not arms w another month, and buthrt HMS, the last lines will naya fallen North America and 'Russo', l recall, chll had seme haht in them They made what stands they could
nearer water, where they seemed to naya the greatest advantages in terms ehwhat they could held
But what we human was planning, l sounded completely out ena dream He doesnt tell me Mslzsl a day age that a piece enlargen buyproduct called paper is handed to me, and w told to 'herd' the enemy vessels Into we spot ayer New York Why? How? Well, he to me the how That' s where our
forces would gather Low, and slow, w a Mal battle in the ruins Marl old camel caty
D Aliens ") 02 45 No 16650115 Replies
So, our enemy, the Zeta, in thw massire snips, winged We brought a cruiser and two Agates Into new odnt, a line weir small swep‘ in low, Flam the East, just like the human generals had sad they would, almost eerste ‘ninj about It' s odd, w a hubcap‘ ain like me to be
swig orders Flam a species we Technology's Orders newer, but, wth thw level commence, and the fact that our odds were as good as sumday no , l had basically gifen up at we point
D Aliens ") 02 as No 16650125 Replies
brosis‘ when he told me to, get we, willingly cede the atmosphere edge by pulling earner snips back wen they got towards to coast line He wanted to let them converge ‘ nin visual range en‘ neuronal licking line, wth many snips weong weapons that welded enough destrucion
force to level an enire plain Flam we Verizon to the ewe Completely ungankable that they would easily congregate thw species last remnants to defend these ruins Like throuhg a pine en blades
But, the human commanders were Insistent Let them cemo nearer waters', Wayland me Push your snips rivaling ofthem,' He told me ' nearer water’ l heard noting else en ths matter, save w a references to what are apparently human snips l know new, as the ereader hour approaches,
how insane the humans naya been dwell, as they direc‘ phantom has en boats Not a single human vessel chll sailed, all en‘ neir minu‘ e steel Slams, tradung wth all the speed the water, had been sunk in the hast hours ofthe war And nere were these delirious commanders, speaking
in hushed Ewen and Russian and French to we another, direc‘ ing a phantom ‘lee Into the bay as in‘ e Wank a goddamn Zeta Armada wth steel boats, they no longer had was hilarious, and l began to laugh mere and mere wth the smaking men and the haughty wemen as the mght passed ayer us
D Aliens ") 02 47 No 16650132 Replies ,
we Zeta ‘lee had sweeper Injust as expected, nearer Verizon that dawn, the sun at thw backs Today would be the last day, l thought to myself, that the humans would everett to see thw own sun rise Tommorow, l would be the Zeta’: sun, and thw Earth
My Rangers, we was lei ofthe combat arms, onabout 27, 000 solders, took up arms wth around 115, 000 er human winders As you know, a human, thw race nang barely made any headway in gene's engineering er syntheti body , were newly weak They average a ceuse heads shorter,
and are about a wire , en average They naya less muscle, and " less ascent too We reverse engineered we we could Farther alum power armer and weapons, since no Infantry arms they had that were not specimen to be ' were ween anyting en a Zeta Infantry drone, but they were
chll lagging bening l run a hand ayer my red scales, nomming an old tune that reminder me ennemy as l watched my solder het thw automail railguns, someting l was we was like an 'assault Me', but wth the power Marl ' alongside the humans and thmb' cals'
and other, outdated eqipment was to be a brace stand, but the best we could hope leeway to gaye the enemy a introuble before they ground the last enemman resis‘ ance Into the GM awenser ea human poet would WINE about ths we day, Wally would laye
D Aliens ") 02 48 No 16650145 Replies : s
we hast shots ring out at we is locally um hours What were once ruins en buildings became ruins en ruins Laser and missile and plasma rains all ayer murderesses, and wth my snips eeing thw has to 'corral' the were the humans wanted It, the enire ordeal was no less than a
eventually came to be that, l was told, as my men and the human men began to haht and in the dusty hellebore York wth the mechanical hands, that ths was an ‘ amal posidon , again, as was my nature, needing and acceding, wholeheartedly, as l was we to
prsn hard down' en thw snips wth my own "Sure, why not?" l gave the order, and my snips were seen raining down in‘ easely en the Zeta snips, receding a pouncing in return llost we Agate very quickly, though l managed to cripple a couple en‘ neir own vessels one fell Into the water, e'en was new
odds against my 'battlegroup', who could new barely do anyting but watch as the enemy snips redirected the " force en‘ neir Repulsion Cheong towards them
D Aliens Us/ DE/ 13[ Sal) 49 No 16650163 Regine: was 173
and we the human commandant's is exactly what l had antedated wen we ceded our atmosphere defense Wth thw shelder at lull, the enemy snips were nee to exert influence directly nearer battlfield We had around ls minu‘ es to laye, at ths pein‘, but the commanderpig me where, and
smilee the most peculiar smile we know ‘ is in posidon, thanks help," he odered me nis hand Fuckig insane humans, wth thw phantom has isneep l earnestly, grinning stupidy as l wai‘ w anen‘ able death, and leeked out nearer bay And that' s wen l saw l
From beneath the , was barely halls killme‘ er nearer water, grouped leeked bump Into each other, surfaced a series drsmall, metal wands l nearly went limp in disbelief's they opened up, like metalic sea creatures were must naya been tarty, at least en
the thigs, each perfectly posioned beneath the enemy vessels happened quickly, l could barely megster, but in and Instant, ninetees sprung out the tops ofthem, and the human commander, a Russian to my lei, nonchalantly awnser me to amen my eyes a moment as he poured gin
down nis throat icouldnt though, but l was well ween geing mud in my lei eye to ‘ ness the sign‘ en ayer a cuntree missiles, sleepign archaic l was , smash Into the naked ofthe massire Nothng parsnips
D Aliens ") 02 an No 16650173 Replies
we 1370674239080 KB, 918x522, tanka pug)
we Wash, the heat, l was incredible, e'en Flam inside the For% canons one alien another, nuclear blasts rippled and melted through the armer ofthe enemy snips, thw Repulsion Sham Generators slagged before they could be powerbot
island, honorless we battle had stopped Owning course evenly a new minu‘ es, the snips, we was a / e leng , simply nail, and gaye in to Eleven enemy snips, all crippler, in the span ena couple seconds, by a species that couldnt e'en
out howthe centers en black niles work
dawned en me, only day, as l lee my “ alien Into the heart , a Russian tank einsten en we Wank ewe, and a NATO nian‘ attack felices‘ ers ayer head, to push back against the new nailing line that had been punning North Flam the South Americas, that ths was new a winning
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i can read these for hours , humanity **** yeaH!
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So I'm dumb, and this is HFY 10