(untitled). . Meyer thought I' d end up having to go to court in LA... ] What happened? ti hours ago ' Like I' m gonna be honest, Its realty so I probably shoul (untitled) Meyer thought I' d end up having to go court in LA ] What happened? ti hours ago ' Like m gonna be honest Its realty so I probably shoul
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Meyer thought I' d end up having to go to court in LA... ]
What happened?
ti hours ago ' Like
I' m gonna be honest, Its realty so I
probably shouldnt say too much.,
ii hours ago . Like
Probably hate crimes against Asians
6 hours ago ' Like
N ghee you a hint, it has to do with what appeared to
he a really sad looking girl that I any while driving and a really hig
misunderstanding that happened because of a really thick accent. Its
literally impossible to be a nice person in Lit. w
d. amours ago . Like - uh I person
So. you should know that I may not appear to be
completely Innocent on this one and there is some explaining to do.
What happened was that there was tns poor looking girl walking
down the street really late at night. I had been working late working
on some presentations and when t saw this girl walking down the
street she looked realty sad and Iwas concerned that it was so late
and t jun wanted to make sure she was okay. So tended up pulling
otter just to my
A hours ago ' Like
MI . whats up and to check on her and see if I could help.
well rather than answering me in ANY way she just walks up and
gets into the can new at the time, this didn' t really seem weird to me
since the way I pictured this whole thing going down was Iwas just
going to he a good and tale her home like a good boy
would do for a stranded girl.
4 hours ago . Like
lol... Lili.." s not the Heartland. rm in suspense at
what happened next.
I hours ago . Like
Actually, it might not he a bad idea to start off h
telling the judge you just mooded there from Momma. That will likely
help your case tremendously right off the hat.
I hours ago ' Like
2 oh balls. ifthat' s how you explain yourself in
court. then I think you might be spending a few nights dropped the
I hours ago ' Like
I - so NEVER in my wildest dreams are Ithink that at
prostitute was in my car and beyond that, t ' thrift think
she was a cop.
I hours ago ' Like
llooll- Again. gonna be really straightforward... IDX if I
should tell the rest because it gets super embarrassing and rm not
sure if: . would really want me broadcasting this to the whole
I hour' s are ' Like
I hours ago . Like
haha well, you might as well finish the story if you' re gonna
start it...
I hours ago . Litre
Ml let a few more details out than but you guys CANT
make hm of me, [totally was trying to be a good person.
it hours ago . Like
so. you know how f said she had a really thick
accent? So I say hello and ask her whats going on and what she' s
doing out so late at night. She just replies with ‘nothing, just looking
for a party." So I ask her if she knows where the party shet looking
for is at because N be happy to take her there so she doesn' t have
to walk any more. She then told me that the party is anywhere and
asked me if Iwanted what I THIOUGHT to he a “PEI.” Again, for the
record, she had a VERY Hilde accent
I hours ago . Like
banger. will
I hours ago . Like
sandwhiches 110 BILLION percent of the time. They are so delicious
and I love putting chips in the middle and grilling them up. Well
I put the chips in after I grill them so make nice and crispy.
I hours ago . Like
Anyware never one to my no tn a “PSA” [was like
Hell yes‘ m my defense, Mad worked late, hadnt had dinner, and
was Just offered my WED EVER, m retrospect, shoukd I
have wondered why she molt tell me where her party was? Yes,
Should I hate thought twice about out where we' re going to
get a PB) from when rm sitting in a care late at night with a complete
stranger? YES, But what happens new is almost too embarrassing to
tell. embody t hadn‘ t done anything criminal at tns point and maybe
your imagination can take it from here but yeah.
it hours ago Like
Lmaao that' s my brunette
Hope your sandwiche was good Lmfao hahaha
I one Like
sorry I' m not making fun of you. I just was that
you drought it was a sandwich'.
I htat' S ago . Like
rm gonna be lung, I almost rant type this but here
I hours ago . Like
run through some quick calculations and figure that
if this girl has some secret PK plan that it probally won' t take that
long or cost that much and I can probally get her horns without it
being too much of a hash but while For thinking she tells me it will
be 5511. How I' m not stupid, there is no way I' m going to just pay
for a sandwich no matter how good it is and right now Fm really
getting that she' s of sound mind,
I hours also . Like
So around this time for like wait, this is bit. what if
she knows of some incredible place that has fantastic food N at
least like to hear the story of a 550 PB), Being COMPLETELY skeptical
of the still sandwhich but wanting to play along because she was
being so nice and flirtation's said "Where can we go at this time of
night for something like that?"
Illinois ago ' Like - at I person
you and I know new crazy that sounds knowing the
centers of this thread hut you have to understand how completely
logical it was for are to ask that question at that time. Anyways she
giggles a bit and looks at me and says something like ‘well we can
go to my place and do it there." or my head I' m like, wait... A house
or apartment or something? so new for trying to bath track in my
head and figure out where my logic went wrong hut as For
scrambling to figure this out I also am trying to sort out how a
can cast so math money so I fiat'.- M MAKING FUN OF
ME... 'hso dollars seems like a int, I could see 520 at the MOST hut
rm used to paying like SC. What makes it so that its worth
I hours ago . Like - an I person
I - She' s hurt by that question I am tell but I have no
idea why. She aw, ‘Look, my place is around the corner, I can take
care of you for still.” So all of a sudden we* re in the price range I
was thinking for a sandwhich, its a hit on the high end more but;
AGAIN. its the and I' m hungry. I' m thinking new that she' s nut
needing a ride home but that she was probably till her
and is maybe a lithe he poorer and is trying to be entrepreneur's and
provide a serum to someone who is looking to consume. so the nerd
port wine really bad part.
I hours ago . Like
So you new haw all of this built up... tthought this
girl was trying to be smart with what she had and turn a small profit
off of a serrate that wanted which theirs no problem with.
so may. are is fine but it literally better be the best one of my Ire."
She says "oh it will gore me the no first." And while
that did make me feel uncomfortable since I wasn' t in a place of
business f tun took out a no bill and gays it to here. With in
SECONDS there were cops everywhere and I was in cults totally
confused as all get out,
Colr/ ours/ tgo . Like
Read the SECOND word of each of my posts,
Illinois new . Like
retire swim
I hours ago' Lia»: e - aht person
I Is this a near
I hours ago . Like
Friggin' GEES!!!
I hours ago . Like
It minutes ago . like
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#5 - nyxeos
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(02/21/2014) [-]
>Read the second word in each post   
****. You got me this time.
>Read the second word in each post

****. You got me this time.
User avatar #10 - chuckstein
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(02/21/2014) [-]
I remember this post.
Not this time, OP.
Not this time.
#3 - sdcanonymoose
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(02/20/2014) [-]
Well done
Well done
#13 - pissedoffpenguin
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(02/21/2014) [-]
Actually i like beeing screwed in a creative way
#14 - killersam
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(02/21/2014) [-]
that was so awesome that i am going to sleep early for tonight
User avatar #12 - agreatusername
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(02/21/2014) [-]
#7 - derpyhuubes **User deleted account**
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(02/21/2014) [-]
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User avatar #6 - mumbomcb
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(02/21/2014) [-]
Hate to be the one to point it out...

It should be "desert you," not "hurt you."

Just saying.
#4 - upward
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(02/21/2014) [-]
mfw I went back.
mfw I went back.
#1 - anon
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(02/20/2014) [-]
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