I am R'leyhia, occupier of Chris. Just a little Omegle log.. Q omegle Talk to strangers'. Vern chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol Question to Girls me f omegle demon Incubus
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I am R'leyhia, occupier of Chris

I am R'leyhia, occupier of Chris. Just a little Omegle log.. Q omegle Talk to strangers'. Vern chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol Question to Girls me f

Just a little Omegle log.

Q omegle Talk to strangers'.
Vern chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol
Question to
Girls me for honest rates ©
Stranger: Oh look at the time
You: No
Stranger: its 1: 24 am already
You: I don' t want rates.
Stranger: HOLY ****
Stranger: YUSH
Stranger: I MEAN
Stranger: NO
You: Plz?
Stranger: Okay
Stranger: Well
You: Can I sensually take your soul?
Stranger: I have no idea what that means
Stranger: I guess
You: . Lay down.
Stranger: ?
Yo . please.
You: Now hold this wooden piece in your mouth.
Stranger: Uhuh
You: Alright, I' m just going to climb up on your legs,
right behind your butt.
Stranger: HOLY SHIIT
You: But don' t worry, I' ll kiss it and make it better.
Stranger: Oh
Stranger: than its
Yo you want of course, I mean, I' m not a rapist.
Yo ust a demon.
You: Incubus if you will.
Stranger: Well
Stranger: I' m going to the hospital
You: No no, I can heal you here. its .
Stranger: ohh
Stranger: Dat
You: Yep, Ijust run my finger down the length of the cut
like so.
You: Fixed.
Stranger: Madre dios
You: I don' t speak that.
Stranger: Me not either
Yo . 'm an Englishman's Incubus.
You: Sorry 2/
Stranger: I can speack english, dutch and terrian
Stranger: I hate terrian...
Stranger: like french
You: Woah there Hitler.
Stranger: They only have good fries
You: Ha!
You: So I couldn' t tell by your ass, but how old are you?
Stranger: 16...
You: Oh nice, we' re pretty close Iol
Stranger: Lossed
You: What?
Stranger: I have no idea
You: Do you have a penis?
Stranger: Well
You: Sorry, still trying to talk like Humans do..
You: It' s difficult!
Stranger: Well
You: In Hell everyone is just straight forward and blunt.
Stranger: I' m human
You: Not so much here.
Stranger: My names is blunt
Stranger: james blunt
Stranger: Lol
You: Ah! So you ARE a male!
You: . Gotcha.
Stranger: What?
Stranger: You dunno ham's blunt?
Stranger: James
You: James Blunt? That' s a Male name eh?
Stranger: TVV
Stranger: My name is perry
Stranger: katy perry
Stranger: Or something
You: I' m afraid not, I haven' t gotten accustomed to the
Overworld' s popular culture, Hell is still in the 1600' s
Stranger: Wait
Stranger: My head is telling me that i don' t kbow some
Stranger: Of what u said
Stranger: I see
You: Oh I' m sorry James! What confused you?
Stranger: error 404. File not found
Stranger: I' m not james
You: You aren' t?
Stranger: I' m not
You: Then WHO are you?
Stranger: Why do you want to know who lam
Stranger: I' m just a stranger
You: Just curious really, no real reason.
Stranger: TVV
Stranger: In that case...
Stranger: Who do you wabt me be?
Stranger: Want
You: Well, my name is R' Leshia, but my earthly vessel
is a young boy named Chris.
Stranger: Wut?
Stranger: I thought you would say james again and
then i could say, wrong my name is ian. But
You: My demonic name (LE. What they called me
before Igot assigned to the Overworld) is R' Leshia, but
the body I' m using forthe time being is named Chris.
Stranger: Heheh
Stranger: Oh
You: Yep. I' m here for another 2, ' s (12 years to
you guys) then Igo back down, and Chris continues
living his life.
Stranger: Well
Stranger: Life is hard isn' t it?
You: Nah, not really, being an Incubus means that
Chris gets laid nearly constantly. It' ll **** him up in the
future, but thats not my problem Right now he' s
sleeping though, I' m just out of body atm.
Stranger: Click enter?
You: What?
Stranger: Nothing
Stranger: I thought you were typing
You: Nope So who are you really James/ Ian/ Katy?
Stranger: Ian
You: Ian eh? So are you a male then?
Stranger: Yush
You: Ah lucky for you, we don' t need anymore males.
Stranger: Lol
You: Welp, have anything you want to talk about Ian?
Stranger: Not really
Stranger: its just
Stranger: Snowy these days
You: Arright then I' m going to head back to Chris, It' s
about time we woke up anyways, Who else is going to
**** Kylee? Right?
Stranger: Who' s kylee?...
Stranger: I' m verry sorry for running low on information
You: Chris' current girl he' s involved with. Sexy little
Stranger: Owhh
You: Yep, I helped him a bit on picking her up, but he
did most of the work. Course, Hook over in the
Stranger: TVV
Stranger: Pretty damn good choice
You: Well, my sole purpose is making women orgasm
so I can feed off their energy. So yeah, I' m pretty good.
Stranger: Okay
Stranger: Okay...
You: Yup! It' s a hard job, but someone' s gotta do it.
Stranger: Yea
You: Have you ever made a girl orgasm?
You: or as you guys call it "cum" or "come ' or whatever.
Stranger: Yea...
You: How' d ya do?
Stranger: How about...
Stranger: Nice and steady?
You: Did she moan your name and dig her nails into
your arms?
Stranger: The first thing no, the second yes yes
Stranger: She did,
You: Then you did it right man Tell me about it, I' d
love to hear about you two.
Stranger: Ehm
Stranger: I had sexual intercourse
Stranger: With someone i didn' t know the next day
You: Wait, you what now?
Stranger: I had sex while being drunk
Stranger: I didn' t even remember her name
You: Ohh well that' s no fun.
Yo . that the only time you had sex?
Stranger: Am i going to hell ifi say no?
You: I can' t say dude, I don' trudge that **** , but let me
tell ya, God is WAY more lenient than everyone thinks.
Stranger: Well, its a no
You: NICE! Did you names?
Stranger: Yea
You: Owhh tell me man!
Stranger: Leonora
Stranger: And
You: Johnson?
Stranger: What?
You: Nothing, continue?
Stranger: mes
You: mes?
Stranger: Yea, a Dutch name English people can' t say
Stranger: English"
You: How' d they ride mate?
Stranger: Well
Stranger: Leonora did good
Stranger: mes had her first time
Stranger: #Virgin
Stranger: I' m a loner for 3 months now
You: That' s alright man, the last guy Stalked to hasn' t
had sex in nearly a year.
Stranger: Oh well
Stranger: Sounds like my business
Stranger: is running hard
Stranger: TVV
Strange No homo
Stranger: This is awkward
You: Hey man, If you wanna give that poor bloke some
loving, I won' t stop ya
Stranger: Bloke?
You: Aye, it' s like guy/ dude/ man
Stranger: I' m not gay...
Stranger: Or bi
You: Well why not?
Stranger: I don' t like anal and girls have datt booty
Stranger: And also
You: I will agree there, damn I love me some booty.
Stranger: Yea
Stranger: I gotta go man
Stranger: Gotta wake up in 5 hours...
You: Alright mate, have fun with your life!
Stranger: You 2!
You: I gotta jump back in Chris before he wakes up
Stranger: Bai
Stranger has disconnected.
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