(untitled). Whoever this guy is needs to have a fist broken on his face.. Ithink I just broke my hand. Got ice on it. It' s all swollen and purple. Where did I
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Whoever this guy is needs to have a fist broken on his face.

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Submitted: 12/17/2013
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User avatar #5 - stiltsformidgets (12/17/2013) [-]
I just emailed his status to the ASPCA
#9 - Saundazzz (12/17/2013) [-]
This post needs more attention. This piece of **** needs a brick to the face.
#8 - Womens Study Major (12/17/2013) [-]
Picture of the sucker. He even posted a pic on his fb of his bruised dog. ******* douche.
User avatar #3 - mulk (12/17/2013) [+] (1 reply)
this guy is a ******* trucker, aparently uneducated, and doesnt give two ***** aotu anyone around him

im not hating on the guy, but for real, these people i detest
User avatar #4 to #3 - mulk (12/17/2013) [-]
i have been watching his photos now for a bit, and i am honeslt getting madder and madder every picture i go through
User avatar #10 - sharpninja (12/17/2013) [+] (4 replies)
He works security at Haltom City Records in Fort Worth, Texas, I found him on LinkedIn, and their number is (214) 715-5711. If anyone can get me his address or anything similar, my aunt is a member of ASPCA and can get the ball rolling on getting this guy thrown in jail
#7 - BerryLicious (12/17/2013) [-]
Look at this. Little **** broke his dog's jaw.
#6 - jackii (12/17/2013) [-]
His way of raising him is obviously wrong if he's barking and growling all the time
#1 - castial (12/17/2013) [-]
#18 - Womens Study Major (12/18/2013) [-]
his profiles disappeared, was hoping to see him getting his just dessert
#16 - mastersaturday (12/18/2013) [-]
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#13 - isaidwhat (12/17/2013) [-]
He has tagged a lot of his photo's at "My big ass house" which has the address;

4124 Huckleberry Dr‎ive
Fort Worth
TX 76137
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