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#6 - maaarknuuuut ONLINE (12/11/2013) [+] (4 replies)
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User avatar #2 - AwesomeJT (12/11/2013) [+] (4 replies)
******* bill and ted
fantastic movie
#10 - mondprinzessin (12/11/2013) [+] (13 replies)
you cant kill robocop
you cant kill robocop
User avatar #15 - chaossniper (12/11/2013) [+] (1 reply)
is that gimli in the last pannel
#13 - bongconnery (12/11/2013) [-]
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#18 - powertrooper (12/11/2013) [+] (8 replies)
MFW I saw the end of the special edition
MFW I saw the end of the special edition
User avatar #19 to #18 - mechaemperor (12/11/2013) [-]
Jabba's Palace in the special edition... I... why?
User avatar #45 - Eggerz (12/16/2013) [-]
this scene too.......that is not Ian McDiarmid

#43 - grasman ONLINE (12/15/2013) [-]
>watched the old star wars movies with a friend again
>we hadn't seen them in a long while
>absolutely surprised by this scene
>GEOOOOOOOORGE!!!! Wtf is wrong with you!?
#27 - klick ONLINE (12/11/2013) [+] (1 reply)
#24 - smokeyrp (12/11/2013) [-]
69 Dude!
User avatar #20 - nucularwar (12/11/2013) [-]
The special edition thing would have been a lot better if they had made Anakin look older or something
#4 - anonymous (12/11/2013) [-]
I'm okay with this.
#1 - khorneation (12/11/2013) [-]
3rd panel "Gettin real tired of your **** yoda"
User avatar #22 - PenisTapeworm (12/11/2013) [-]
Seeing Hayden animated to be Anakin Skywalker was a real let down in the remastered version for me. Star Wars is a lot about growing up and sacrifice especially the ones Luke makes, and seeing that greasy **** with an idiot smile on his face instead of the aged man who really taught Luke is a huge turn off. Especially since its just there to let the simpletons who started with episodes I, II, III get a stiffy and understand what is going on is deplorable.
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