(untitled). . ACCORDING TO PHYSICS If you drop a bowling ball and a feather at the same time, from the same height, the bowling ball and feather will hit the gr
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If you drop a bowling ball and a feather at the same
time, from the same height, the bowling ball and
feather will hit the ground at the same time.
Assuming there is no air resistance.
Black Holes are not actually. . I Black, Sure, they are
very dark. But they give off a glow Giving off light
across the whole spectrum, including, visible light.
There is no past, present, or future. Times frames are
All the matter that makes up the human ram could fit
in a sugar cube
Events; in the future can happened in the
its possible there is only ene elctric in the entire
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Submitted: 12/10/2013
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User avatar #2 - funkytrunks (12/10/2013) [+] (7 replies)
Alright, here is a beginning physics student's take on these.
1. This is absolutely correct, it's basic physics. Gravity affects all things equally.
2. I think this is true, black holes do spit out a little of what they suck in, so it makes sense.
3. I'm pretty sure this is Einstein's Theory of Relativity, so it's generally accepted as true.
4. I can buy this. Everything is made up of atoms, and atoms are mostly empty space. Fun fact: You never actually come into physical contact with anything, your atoms just repel the atoms of whatever you touch.
5. I'm not entirely sure about this one. It sounds wrong, but when you consider #3, it could be right.
6. I guess theoretically this could be true, but I highly doubt it.

tl;dr Most of these are legit as far as I know.
User avatar #3 to #2 - billybong (12/10/2013) [-]
I thought Black holes absorbed EVERYTHING and the light that's seen is simply light that's bent around the black hole due to the gravity
User avatar #9 - charagrin (12/14/2013) [-]
Number one is incorrect no matter how you look at it. Gravity does not affect everything equally no matter what, it affects respective mass and volume. Even in a vacuum the bowling ball would fall faster because it is larger and heavier and thus gravity has more pull over it.

Number 3 is also questionable. We assume it is relative, but we do not know. it could be anything at all really.

The sugar cube one is correct, but could be taken further. If we accept the Big Bang Theory, then the whole human race's mass could fit into a space smaller than the period at the end of this sentence ten times over.
User avatar #1 - sharknik (12/10/2013) [-]
This is basically just an archaic view of science. And Bait.
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