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Sometimes. I see where the gay rights movement is going and it scares me. Because they don't know what "peace" is they are still angry upset and looking for blood. This war has made us bitter where we should be joyous that we are succeeding. We have made great victories but in our victory we have grown hateful of our enemies. We have made the greatest mistake any one has ever made. We grew to hate the enemy to the point the hatred was our cause rather than reaction. We would strike the shadows of the tombstone of the dead sooner than stop fighting.

In a movement that only wanted love and acceptance I fear as become bitter and hateful. It scares me as a gay man. Because I fear that our hatred will lead to our destruction. We are few and the masses are growing. And ultimately we are isolated of each other. We do not seek out understanding but lash out in hatred. And both sides are calling on emotions rather than logic or reason. The voice echoes within the sides growing louder and louder as one hated the other is met.

We have come so far and I fear it will all be for nothing if we continue down the path of anger. We will destroy our enemy and all that they had feared would have come true and every promise would have been for nothing.

If we are to win in the long run we must fight to overcome and not destroy to coexist and not dominate, to seek understanding that both sides will be sated.
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