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#427 - SOULRAPER (12/07/2013) [-]
Jesus Christ, Disney has turned you all into a bunch of bleeding heart pansies. Oh, she killed a lion, boo ******* hoo, there's plenty more where he came from. What about all the innocent gazelle's this ****** has killed? Didn't stop to think of that did you? This lion was nothing more than a cold blooded murderer, but because you saw the ******* lion king, you're crying over this **** . In conclusion.. **** YOU, AND HAVE A NICE DAY...That is all.
#440 to #427 - froglordy (12/07/2013) [-]
Circle of life doesn`t include manly dykes hunting big kitty cats.

Now shoo.
#468 to #440 - Pinkdonutdoom (12/07/2013) [-]
actually it is the circle of life if she used the animal for food just like every human did a long time ago.
#502 to #468 - tyraxio (12/07/2013) [-]
Except she doesn't.
User avatar #490 to #468 - sidekickman (12/07/2013) [-]
Which I doubt she did. She probably skinned it, threw out the innards, and either made a decoration with it or sold it.
User avatar #439 to #427 - dederplaol (12/07/2013) [-]
>implying the amount of gazelles can be compared with the amount of lions
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