ties. inb4 someone yells repost and gets dozen of thumbs. fantastic T Tie a Tie I. Begin by tying: normal 2. While necktie. meditate known commonly as a Sissy W
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inb4 someone yells repost and gets dozen of thumbs

T Tie a
I. Begin by tying: normal 2. While necktie. meditate
known commonly as a Sissy Windsor) on how much better you are than others.
3. may the wide end back through the 4. Repeat new 2 and 3 four more times,
mam knot. This is known as a "Flush." or until your knot ls adequately regal.
5. Unecesary, attach a secondary ti: a Finally. real the slight remainder or
with a simple square knot. your an through the back ofthe knot.
7. Flaunt your , kingly but at any and all public events.
The Practical
r the hungry professional
1. Starr by tying: standard Shelby 2. Begin thinking about what you want
even dimpling. for lunch.
3. Realize your far too busy for a full It Remember that they sometimes
meal, but Still need to s: , have fruit in rhe kitchen on Fridays.
5. Loosen the knotice/ tr on your Shelby. 6. Put a banana in an
7. Enjoy a productive lunch.
The Lovecraft
A R 'lyeh Standard
Cl Farr,
1. summon a necktie from its slumber 2. the an hang loosely upon your neck,
deep within the . like the pendelum of: clock .
3. Repeat steps one and we mulitple 4. reawaken as , the most
times, preferably whilst chanting. well -dressed of all an Elder Gods.
yhe Crossbow
Experts Only
1. Focus your an (no more than half) 2. Use the remainder ofyour chi an
on the task at hand. materialize a few berrics.
3. Assemble the tie, ifyou have any 4. Warning Once in place, this tie can
chateau left. you should now. never he removed.
The Constrictor
this ant involves a snake
2. Once , cross the
the head ow: its on and loop in .
3. Be sum to keep eye Contact with
4. Being careful not to break its spine,
your snakebite at all times.
loop the from cud around the knot.
5. Tie aloise co Gish. 6. Instill fear in the hearts of friends
and enemies alike.
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