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#9 - emxwercs (05/13/2014) [-]
Meanwhile at the Compton Elementary School Library...
User avatar #185 to #9 - shadowrated (05/13/2014) [-]
i like your comments emxwercs
#210 to #185 - emxwercs (05/14/2014) [-]
Thanks man, I have a long way to go though before I can even sit at your lunch table. You're a legend.
User avatar #115 to #9 - silvermarsh (05/13/2014) [-]
I always remember seeing those posters in school. "Listen is spelled with the same letters as Silent" or some **** .
Seems like it helped here.
#24 to #9 - suchusername (05/13/2014) [-]
thumbed up becouse you did the anagram with the letters
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