the more you know. found this online a while ago and thought some of you might find it interesting.. EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT TOR AND THE You may thi

the more you know

found this online a while ago and thought some of you might find it interesting.

You may think that the Internet is e not resource , but (Cl loci what most
of us see Must one lint in a very long chain websites and unseen content,
Put simply. it is the part owe Internet that is hidden from View
4% Also known as the Web', it is content that can
OF WWW be Found Ming search engines such as (male or Yahoo
CONTENT it IS under constant surveillance by the government,
Also known as the ' Web', it is the content that
96 A be indexed by search engines And it is hard to
WWW keep track of.
The Deep Web is the we of the
estimated to be Surface Web
In order to mess the Deep Web,‘/ an need to use a
dedicated : w: er. TOR (The onion Router) IS the
most commonly used, but other options such as up When using the serrate web, you
and Frame! ofer in alternative solution was data the some
This direct approach tracks the from HTTP
where and when mun accessed, and your exact .
an the Deep Web cannot be accessed directly.
This is because data is not held on any single page, but rather In
databases, winch make: it mirth index
I " I We are shared through any manabe
connected to the Internet that hold the Information
you need This is ix networking
This method date notes it s r,
difficult or your lawman and the kind , ,
you access to be tracked or monitored w‘
You use it as you would any other Internet browser Many people no new
beginning Lo use TOR as d way of their privacy whilst who
Due to the anonymity that we offers. the Deep web has also
become u popololz nesting ground tor criminal activity.
wll : yr to rm
The Silk Road became one such popular website on the Deep Web Known also as
the "", it on new to turend sell things - but drugs
Bitcoin allows users to conduct business transactions
anonymously. This has allowed some users or the
currency to engage in REI activity.
First Basin traded .
Silk Road founded by the user ,
Dread Pirate Rubens’ '-i'
US senate investigates link
between Bitcoin and so Road
Bitcoin loses over 90%
of its value
FBI locate and arrest the person accused of being
the Dread Pirate Roberts’. Silk Road is shut down.
This was made possible by the use of Bitcoin, a virtual
currency that makes use of the encrypted
NOV W Silk Road 2. ‘E
Bitcoin triples in value‘
worth were sold on Silk
Road before it ms shut down.
There rouy be e wealth or information out therein the Deep Web, " _
but you should be careful about whatyou look tor. dust like Alice, " _.
the deeper you go, the more trouble you could find yourself in .
Them , seen Internet ror ding Ce; es one coin
on one e hear no ’ driers co ll
Wm on Luv e . org
The disturb to world my Web centric" in e’: we dealers ply tines Monet - co to
Wm IS I re coop no r news, 7011
Pic r lilcoin avg
Analyse s it wads histori; oi r up
an out e Ivu' Turgid
twee co in
neon e t , cono
on emu
we e Tor e _rile» net
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I feel so casual
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Are you even serious? This chart is full of BS.
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