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Story time

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Views: 1085 Submitted: 08/24/2013
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#1 - obloquy
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(08/24/2013) [-]
I wouldn't be mad so much about the whole thing with the kids, because they're kids, ya know? They don't know any better. But it's quite obvious that her dad was a cockbag. As a sixth grader you don't neccessarily mean to call someone a whore, it's more of a "hey you're being ******, please **** off" but at that age you don't know how to say it. The fact that your brother would've been labeled as a sex offender blows my mind, since I don't think in court they would actually find him guilty.

judge: What did the defendant do?
little girl: He called me a whore.

I just can't see any grown man taking this seriously.
User avatar #3 - psykobear
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(08/24/2013) [-]
Agreeing with comment #2.
******** story. Buses have cameras with evidence, and the girl wouldn't receive no punishment whatsoever.
And calling someone a whore would not get you labeled as a sex offender.
#2 - anon id: 8cd656a6
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(08/24/2013) [-]
i call ********. no judge in their right mind would put a child on a sex offender registration without SERIOUSLY HARD EVIDENCE. Literally, the kid would have to have raped someone. The douche lawyer dad, who is brand new to the legal world, would not have enough social influence or credibility to convince a judge that what this boy did warrants him being registered. Not only that, but in my country we have something call the Y.O. or Youthful Offender status which prevents cockfag lawyers from sentencing potentially innocent children to ridiculous punishments. Furthermore, calling someone a whore, especially in middle school/ elementary school does not make someone a sex offender. This story is total ******** and OP... you should kill yourself or come up with better, more convincing lies.