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Views: 1314 Submitted: 08/02/2013
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#3 - iowndemostest
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(08/02/2013) [-]
I totally feel you, but the thing is that the world doesn't agree. And who gives a sliver of a **** about what the world thinks of what you do? They have no right to judge.
User avatar #2 - heraske
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(08/02/2013) [-]
Exactly the same way here mate!
#1 - Shadwstryker
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(08/02/2013) [-]
User avatar #4 - beatheaven
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(08/02/2013) [-]
Yes. You can totally see all sides of a person on Facebook. Since they're not ranting about their miserable lives and instead choose to share more positive sides of themselves, they're blatantly felicitous.

"Society doesn't like me being a lazy twat spending all my time by myself, playing video-games and letting my unwashed hands stroke my dick several times a day. Instead of thinking "Maybe I could be productive, work for a nice place of my own and spend the time I've got left to do whatever I want! I want someone to pay for me so that I can sit on my ass all day and do nothing but satisfy my lighthearted self."

How can you complain about how people are discomforting your existence, when they tell you to get friends and maybe spend time doing something that could actually make you happy, (since you're obviously making up excuses and actually wish for something else and feel like it's much more simple and easy on yourself to just blame everyone else), when you could just tell yourself to ignore these dirtbags and work so that you can live in a dark nest somewhere and complain about your miserable life where people actually give a **** about you?

You should not feel sorry for yourself for the reasons you have stated.
You should feel sorry for yourself because you feel content in obnoxious comfort and lonely silence.

Seek help if you need someone to take the initiative for you, but it really is much simpler than that.

Stop pointing fingers at everyone but the problem, namely you.