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User avatar #75 - tiltaz ONLINE (07/20/2013) [-]
>Germans fightin russian on the eastern front
>Both sides low on supplies
>Russians dont even have enough weapons for every soldier
>Russian general send his unarmed troops to the front lines:
>"The germans dont know you dont have guns, just make some shooting noises and you'll be fine
>Russians charge "Tra tra tra tra tra!"
>Germans retreat.
>German generals comes up with a plan.
>"Men, the russians have us outgunned we need to buy time, just go to the front lines and make tank noises, so that they think that we have tanks!"
>German soldiers go to make tank noises
> German soldier runs into a Russian
> Russian says "Stay back i have a weapon" (tra tra tra)
>German replies "I dont give a **** im in a tank"
User avatar #104 to #75 - warwolfrider (07/20/2013) [-]
hmmm sounda alot like one of my jokes link to when i posted comment
>be 22
> in war zone
> run out of ammo
> go to commander
> request ammo
> he says we don't have any to spare
>commander says just point your finger at them and say BANG BANG IM A SOLDER
>Do as he says
> HOLY **** IT WORKS .jpg
>dropping enemies left and right
> go back to commander
> tell him how it works and ask if theirs anything better i can do
> he tells me hold your hands up like your holding a M16 and say RAT A TAT TAT im a machine gunner
>do as he says
>killing so many enemies
>gonna be a war hero
> see one coming down mid field i point at him and say rat a tat tat im a machine gunner
> nothing happens
> stand up and fire everything i got
> hes coming close
>keep shooting no use
>guy gets right in front of me
>says CLICK CLANK IMA TANK www.funnyjunk.com/funny_gifs/4656777/How+does+one+tank/75#75
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